Fix Spelling Errors

Fix Spelling Errors

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Writer lets you identify misspellings as you type with the help of few proofing tools to assist with spelling and word choice. You can check the spelling, consult a thesaurus, change your spell check language and add new industry-specific words to your dictionary. Also, change and customize your autocorrect settings.

Turn on spell check

You can turn spell check on or off as and when you like.

To turn on spell check,

  1. Click More > Tools tab.
  2. Under the Review header, click Spell Check.
  3. Click the drop-down near Writing Suggestions and enable the Spelling Error option.

Change the spell check language

To change the spell check language,

  1. Click More > Tools tab.
  2. Under Review, click the drop-down near the Spell Check option.
  3. Choose the Language option from the drop-down.
  4. In the "Language & Region" pop-up that follows, change the Locale settings based on your requirements.

Note: Spell check must be turned on before you change the spell check language. Also, changing the Locale settings will affect spelling and grammar suggestions, currency, and number formats. To change global settings, go to Settings from your document. Click here for detailed steps.

Supported spell check languages

You can do spell check in Writer in a variety of languages listed in the table below:

AfrikaansFrançais - FrenchMelayu - MalaysiaEspañol(ES)
አማርኛ  EthiopianFrysk - Frisiaമലയാളം - MalayalamEspañol(CL)
ArabicالعربيةGalego (Galicia spain)मराठी -MarathiEspañol(CO)
Armãneashce AromanianDeutsch(DE) - GermanМонгол - MongoliaEspañol(EC)
Azərbaycanca-AzerbaijanDeutsch(AT)नेपाली - NepaliEspañol(MX)
Български - BulgarianDeutsch(CH)Norsk (bokmål)‬Español(NI)
বাংলা - BengaliΕλληνικά - GreekNorsk (nynorsk)‬ NorwegianEspañol(PE)
Català - Catalanગુજરાતી - GujaratiSesothosaLeboa - ZuluEspañol(PR)
Hrvatski - Serbo-CroatianHebrew - עבריתOccitanEspañol(UY)
Česky - Czechहिन्दी - Hindiଓଡ଼ିଆ - OdiaSvenska - Swedish
Dansk - DanishMagyar - HungarianKiswahili - East AfricaPolski - Polish
English(US)Bahasa - IndonesianPortuguês(PT)தமிழ்
English(AU)Setswana- Tswana AfricaPortuguês(BR)Interlingua - Irish
English(CA)Gaeilge - Irishਪੰਜਾਬੀ - PunjabiTürk - Turkish
English(NZ)Íslenska - IcelandicQhichwaSimi - East AfricaXitsonga - Swahili
English(UK)Українська - UkrainianRumantschItaliano - Italian
English(ZA)KinyarwandaRomână - RomanianO'zbek - Turkish
Esperanto한국어 - KoreanРусский - RussianTshivenḓa
Eesti - EstoniaLatina - LatinaGàidhlig - ScottishTiếngViệt - Vietnamese
Føroyskt - DenmarkisiXhosa – Xhosa SASrpski - BosnianLietuvių - Lithuanian
ارسPersianMāori - New ZealandSlovenčina - SlovenianisiZulu" - Zulu

Add words to the dictionary

You can add new words to the dictionary so that the spell check does not count them as errors.

To add words to the dictionary,

  1. Click More > Tools tab.
  2. Under Review header, click Personal Dictionary.
  3. Type in the new word in theAdd new word field and click Add. The word will be added to your dictionary.

Use the Thesaurus

The thesaurus helps you find and replace words with synonyms or other related words.

To use the thesaurus,

  1. Select the word or place the cursor at the start of the word.
  2. Click More > Tools tab.
  3. Under Review, click Thesaurus. A window will appear showing the selected word, synonyms, and other related words.
  4. To replace the word with one of its synonyms, select the synonym and click Replace.

Note: You can also manually enter any word in the search tab and click Look Up to find alternate words.

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