Merge on Form Submit - Setup form fields

Merge on Form Submission - Setup Form Fields

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Setup form fields

Once you have created a new form or linked your existing form into Writer, you can choose the necessary fields to be inserted in your document.

For example, if you want to send a Thank you letter automatically to all the recipients participated in a survey. You can pull data from the form linked into your Writer document. (Make sure, you have created a thank you letter with related form fields)

To setup form fields

  1. Click More > Automate > Document Merge > Merge on Form Submission. The linked form and related form fields will be displayed in Automation panel.
  2. Under the Insert Fields header, you can find the list of available Form fields. Choose the required field and place it in your document/letter template, wherever necessary.

Advanced Merge Fields - Insert conditions

While using Writer’s document merge feature, you can also include special fields that allows you to insert conditions. Using these conditional fields you can control how the data is shown to the end user.

When you're creating a letter or an email template to send your recipients and you want the letter to display different things depending on the different field values of your data source, you can insert conditions.

Once you have set the data source and merge fields, you can insert conditions to the field values.

To insert a conditional field,

  1. Open the document template.
  2. In the Merge on form submission panel, click on the <<Conditions>> link under the Advanced Merge Fields.
  3. Specify the conditions based on your requirements in Set Conditions popup.
  4. You can also insert multiple conditions. To define multiple conditional fields, click on the + icon in the Set Conditions popup.
  5. Click Apply to insert the conditional field in your template.

You can edit the conditional fields that are inserted in your document. Simply hover your mouse on the if condition part and the Conditions popup will open again. Edit and update your changes.

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