Create Merge Fields

Create Merge Fields

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Create merge fields

Once you create a template, insert merge fields as placeholders to personalize your content. For example, you can greet your customers with their name, add a watermark to your letter, include a profile link or an image, add a personalized subject for each recipient while sending the mail, and so on.

To insert merge fields,

  1. Open your template document.
  2. Click More > Fields tab.
  3. Choose Merge Fields under Dynamic Fields. Alternatively, click More > Automate tab. In the Prepare panel, choose the Merge Template option and Prepare document for merging panel will open. Under Manage Fields, click the Create Fields button.
  4. Click Create Fields to create new merge fields. Create Fields pop-up will open, where you can create new fields, specify label names and configure field types. Click Create to finish creating your fields.

Types of merge fields

Writer lets you add special merge fields in your documents. See the list of supported field types below:

Field typeDescription
HyperlinkInclude hyperlinks in your data source (a spreadsheet or .csv file) to merge it in the target document. 
ImageAdd custom image fields in your data source that will be directly linked as an image file in your target document
Image linkCreate dynamic image links by adding a hyperlink field to the image.
Dynamic text linkAdd dynamic URL to the required text in the document template and send personalized links to each of your recipients.
Rich textFormatted text to be included as merge fields. 
BarcodeInclude bar code in your data source file to merge it into the target template. Writer supports different types of bar codes, including UPC, Code 128, Code 39, EAN 13 and so on. 
QR CodeMerge a high-quality QR code based on the specific field value. QR code data can be a plain text, a web link, a text message, an email, or a business card. 
CheckboxInclude a checkbox as a merge field (either checked or unchecked) based on specific criteria (true/false; Yes/No)
WatermarkInsert a field in the Watermark dialog/panel to merge a watermark field in your template.
CurrencyThis can be used as a mail merge field for billing documents with specific currency symbols.
Email | Phone | Date | Number | PercentageSet email, date and numeric formats for your mail merge fields.

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