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Zia in Writer detects the most common grammar errors, including incorrect verbs, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, articles, punctuation and so on. Zia also suggests accurate corrections, allowing you to improve the content quality significantly.

Turn on/off grammar check

Before you get started, make sure to Turn on the Grammar checker in your document. Also, turn off or change the settings anytime.

To turn on grammar,

  1. Click More > Tools tab.
  2. Under Proofing header, click the drop-down near Spell Check.
  3. Click the options next to Writing Suggestions and choose to turn on or off the grammar check in your document.

Note: Click the More options in your Spell check to change the default settings in all the future documents.

You can change the settings for Writing Suggestions and click Save. This will be set as default for all the existing and new documents. You can change the settings anytime later when required.

Check grammar errors

Zia detects the most common grammar mistakes and suggests alternatives to correct the errors. All the grammar errors are highlighted in green color.

To find grammar errors,

  1. Open Zia by clicking the button in the top-right corner of your screen. This will open the panel with grammar and other writing suggestions.
  2. Click Grammar Suggestions. This will display a list of corrections.
  3. Click on each suggestion and apply the changes or scroll down the entire document and find the errors marked in green. Please ignore or report the corrections if you find them irrelevant or incorrect.

Let's take a look at a few examples:

Miswritten/confused words

Zia helps you identify and correct the commonly miswritten or confused words such as there and their, you’re and your, then and than, meet and meat, and so on.

Incorrect noun form

If the noun form you have used in your sentence does not fit the context, "incorrect noun form" error will be highlighted.

Incorrect punctuation and spacing errors


Zia detects the extra space that follows the punctuation and suggests to delete it. Also, the extra space between words will be identified.

Incorrect punctuation

It's always good to check punctuation mistakes in your writing so that you don't confuse someone who is reading your material. Writer detects the most common punctuation errors, double period, and so on.

Capitalization error

Generally the first letter of every sentence, names of people, places, nationalities, languages, months, days, the pronoun I and so on must be capitalized in your writing. Such incorrectly capitalized words are displayed under the capitalization errors.

Article errors

Articles are used to establish your reference to a noun. Writer detects two types of article errors.

  • definite article (the) and
  • indefinite article (a/an).

Few examples are shown below:

Detects missing article

Detects the use of "an" before a word that begins with a vowel sound

Detects missing article before a superlative

This error is detected when a definite article is added before a superlative adverb or an adjective.

Compound words

Compound words are formed when two or more words are combined together to form a new word. Writer detects two types of compound words.

  • Compound words with no hyphenation and
  • Hyphenated compound words

Double negatives

Double negatives are created when two negative words are used in the same sentence.

In the above sentence, the writer uses two negative words to express that he/she doesn't know anything about economics. Zia automatically detects double negatives in your writing and suggests alternatives.

The complete list of grammar suggestions identified by Zia is shown in the table below:

Grammar suggestionsAvailability
Compound words
Double negatives
Possessive fault
Incorrect/missing article
Confused words
Incorrect verb forms
Missing verbs
Redundant verbs
Missing auxiliary verbs
Missing/Redundant prepositions
Incorrect Prepositions
Preposition-adjective mismatch
Noun quantifier mismatch
Incorrect/redundant nouns
Incorrect/missing/redundant pronouns
Weak adjective
Incorrect use of adjectives
Possibly missing words/incorrect words
Incorrect punctuation and extra spaces
Commonly confused words
Conjunctions errors
Capitalization error
Incorrect word form
Incorrect possessive ending

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