Frequenty Asked Questions

Platform Support & Installation

  • What are the supported browsers?

    Writer works with the two most recent versions of the following browsers.

    Other browsers may work, but you might not be able to use all of the features. Make sure cookies and JavaScript are turned on for your browser.

  • Is there a mobile app available for Writer?

    For Android devices, we provide an installable app. You can install it directly from the play store.

    iOS users can download from app store.

  • What kind of document formats does Writer support?

    With Writer, you can import different document formats either through online sources or from your desktop and edit them right away.

    The following are the supported formats:

    • For document import:

    .docx, .doc, .docm, .dot, .dotx, .dotm, .odt, .txt, .html, .htm, .tex

    Note: Importing documents in PDF format is not supported in Writer.

    • For document export:

    .docx, .rtf, .txt, .html, .odt, .epub, .pdf

  • Do I need to install any software to use Writer?

    You can use Writer in all the supported browsers without any installation. You don't even have to sign up to use it.

    Get access to all the available features and try it yourself now.

Language support

  • Is Writer available in other languages?

    Writer supports multiple languages. Refer the table below:


    Korean (한국어)

    Portuguese (português)

    Polish (polski)

    Danish (dansk)

    Lithuanian (lietuvių)

    Russian (русский)

    Catalan (Català)

    German (Deutsche)

    Romanian (română)

    Swedish (svenska)

    Thai (ไทย)

    Spanish (español)

    Estonian (eesti)

    Turkish (Turkmen)

    Arabic (العربية)

    French (français)

    Slovak (slovenčina)

    Czech (čeština)

    Japanese (日本語)

    Hungarian (magyar)

    Chinese (中文 (简体))

    Vietnamese (TiếngViệt)

    Croatian (hrvatski)

    Italian (Italiano)

    Ukrainian (українська)

    Norway (norsk) (Norwegian)

    Dutch (Nederlands)

    Greek (Ελληνικά)

    Finnish (suomi)

    Hindi (हिंदी)

    Greek (Ελληνικά)

    Tamil (தமிழ்)

    Bulgarian (Български)




    Learn how you can change the display language for your document.

  • Can I do spellcheck in other languages?

    You can do spellcheck in Writer in a variety of languages listed in the table below:



    Français - French

    Melayu - Malaysia


    አማርኛ  Ethiopian

    Frysk - Frisia

    മലയാളം - Malayalam



    Galego (Galicia spain)

    मराठी -Marathi


    Armãneashce Aromanian

    Deutsch(DE) - German

    Монгол - Mongolia




    नेपाली - Nepali


    Български - Bulgarian


    Norsk (bokmål)‬


    বাংলা - Bengali

    Ελληνικά - Greek

    Norsk (nynorsk)‬ Norwegian


    Català - Catalan

    ગુજરાતી - Gujarati

    SesothosaLeboa - Zulu


    Hrvatski - Serbo-Croatian

    Hebrew - עברית



    Česky - Czech

    हिन्दी - Hindi

    ଓଡ଼ିଆ - Vietnamese

    Svenska - Swedish

    Dansk - Danish

    Magyar - Hungarian

    Kiswahili - East Africa

    Polski - Polish


    Bahasa - Indonesian




    Setswana- Tswana Africa


    Interlingua - Irish


    Gaeilge - Irish

    ਪੰਜਾਬੀ - Punjabi

    Türk - Turkish


    Íslenska - Icelandic

    QhichwaSimi - East Africa

    Xitsonga - Swahili


    Українська - Ukrainian


    Italiano - Italian



    Română - Romanian

    O'zbek - Turkish


    한국어 - Korean

    Русский - Russian


    Eesti - Estonia

    Latina - Latina

    Gàidhlig - Scotland

    TiếngViệt - Vietnam

    Føroyskt - Denmark

    isiXhosa – Xhosa SA

    Srpski - Bosnian

    Lietuvių - Lithuanian


    Māori - New Zealand

    Slovenčina - Slovenian

    isiZulu" - Zulu

Document Management

  • How do I save my document?

    The changes you make in your document are saved automatically. In case, if you made a mistake and it’s saved automatically, you can undo your changes. Also, you can always go back to previous versions and keep track of changes or switch to older versions, if required. Learn more.

  • Can I work with documents when offline?

    Yes. You can set up offline access in Writer, so that the next time when you're offline you will be able to edit files offline and then sync the changes when you are online. Click here to learn more on how to work with documents offline.

  • How do I access Cut/Copy/Paste operations via icons?

    You can perform cut/copy/paste operations via icon clicks in Chrome browser only. Other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari do not support the cut/copy/paste operations via icon clicks. Also, we will not display these options in our contextual menu in the browsers that do not support them. To avoid the issue, please use the shortcut keys. (Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v, Ctrl+x for Windows and Command+c, Command+v, Command+x for Mac, for copy, paste, cut operations respectively)

  • How to type Accented Characters in Writer?

    The following table shows the keyboard combinations to create an accented character in your document. Before, you get started, please change your Keyboard type to United States -International.

    Press this keyFollowing keyResulting Character
    ' (APOSTROPHE)c,e,y,u,i,o,aç, é, ý, ú, í, ó, á
    " (QUOTATIONMARK)e,y,u,i,o,aë, ÿ, ü, ï, ö, ä 
    ` (ACCENTGRAVE)e,u,i,o,aè, ù, ì, ò, à 
    ~ (TILDE)o,n,aõ, ñ, ã
    ^ (CARET)e,u,i,o,aê, û, î, ô, â
  • How do I add custom fonts?

    Currently, you're not allowed to add custom fonts in Writer. This is because we need to verify the license for every font that has to be added in our library. However, you can add free fonts from web or choose from our Font Library using the 'Add Fonts' option from the Fonts drop down menu. Learn more.

  • How to delete a blank page in my document?

    To delete a blank page,

    1. Highlight the blank page in your document and hit the backspace/delete button. Make sure there are no spaces on the blank page. In that case, select the empty lines/spaces and hit the Delete button.
    2. Sometimes due to manual page break, a blank page might be found in the middle of the document. In that case, with paragraph marks turned on, you can see the page break in the blank page. Select and delete it to delete the blank page.

Sharing and Collaboration

  • Can I share documents with non-Zoho users?

    Yes, you can share files with users outside the organization with password protection. This will ensure a secure access to your document. A non-zoho user can access the file only when they enter the password and it will be sent via mail request. Learn more.

  • Can I collaborate on a document from mobile or ipad app with other collaborators on Web App?

    Yes. You can collaborate from mobile apps or ipad while other users are working from web.


  • Are there any upload limits while I import files into Writer?

    You can import files with size up to 10mb.

  • What is the maximum image size allowed to be uploaded in Writer?

    The maximum image size allowed for upload is 10mb.

  • What is the daily sending limit for mail merge?

    The daily sending limit for mail merge is listed below:

    1. Free users: 50 emails
    2. Standard users: 500 emails
    3. Premium users: 1000 emails
    4. 1000 emails for Zoho CRM users, 1500 for Zoho People and Zoho Recruit.

    Please note that, you can send 500 emails at once.


  • I have trouble in opening my documents in Writer. What should I do?

    If you have trouble viewing or opening a document in Writer, do the following,

    1. Please check your Internet connection.
    2. Make sure you use the browser version supported by Writer. See system requirements for more details.
    3. Check the size of the file. The file size should be up to 10 MB.
  • How can I uninstall the Zoho Clipboard application?

    For users who still have the Zoho Clipboard app installed: The app has been deprecated and you need to make use of Zoho Writer app to fix the copy/paste issues.

    To uninstall the Zoho Clipboard App,

    1. Go to chrome://apps/ in your browser. This will take you to the list of apps installed at your end.
    2. Now, right click on the Zoho Clipboard app and choose the Remove from Chrome option.

    Now install the Writer App,

    Go to to install Zoho Writer app.

  • I find the cursor is misplaced in my document. How do I fix this?

    In some cases, you may find the cursor position wrongly placed in a different location in your document. This may happen when you have changed the zoom levels in your browser. To resolve this issue, kindly make use the Writer’s zoom in/zoom out functionality instead of browser’s zoom options.

  • There was a problem loading certain fonts. This document might not be at its best.

    This message might be shown when your document has any web fonts. Once the content in your document is loaded, Writer will try to download the web fonts to display the content in a better way. If any one of those web fonts fails to download, the above message will be shown to user. We will be trying to download them in the background and it's not necessary to panic.

  • Copy/paste icons are not working in browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    Copy/paste operations via icon click works only in Chrome browser. Other browsers do not support the same right now.