Improve Content Readability

Content readability is the level of understanding the written text. Using simple words and writing short sentences will improve the content readability.

Before you publish your content, you can give your document a quick scan using Zia.

Zia helps you measure the readability score of your document to determine if your content is readable. These scores let you identify the reading difficulty and the intellectual level necessary for your audience to understand your writing. 

Flesch readability checker is used to find the readability score of your documents and these scores are given based on grade levels. For example, a score between 70.0 and 60.0 means that an 8th or 9th grader can understand the content. See the table below for more information:


Grade level


100.00 - 90.00

5th grade

Very easy. 

90.0 - 80.0

6th grade


80.0 - 70.0

7th grade

Fairly easy. 

70.0 - 60.0

8th & 9th grade

Plain Standard English. 

60.0 - 50.0

10th to 12th grade

Fairly difficult.

50.0 - 30.0



30.0 - 0.0

College graduate

Very difficult.

Get your readability score

The following variables helps you ensure the overall readability score of your writing.

Run on sentences

Run-on sentences occur when two or more main or independent clauses are connected without a punctuation mark or a word to separate them. Zia scans the entire document and helps you identify the total Run-on sentences list. 

To find the list of run on sentences in your document,

  1. Open the Zia panel by clicking the button in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. The Run on Sentences list is under the Ease of Reading header. Click to open the suggestions and make any required changes.

Polysyllabic words

A word with more than two syllables is a polysyllabic word. Try avoiding polysyllables as they are generally difficult to read and will impact the readability.

To find the list of polysyllables in your document,

  1. Open the Zia panel by clicking the button in the top right corner.
  2. Find the list of polysyllabic words under the Ease of Reading header of your document. Click to open the suggestions and make necessary changes.

Average sentence length

It's preferable to keep sentences short for better readability and understanding.

Average Sentence Length (ASL) is calculated using the following formula:

ASL = the total number of words, divided by the number of sentences.

Sentences that exceed the average length will be listed in the Zia panel. Click on the suggestions given and make the required changes.

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