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Change document layout options

Writer allows viewing your document in different layouts to get a better view of what you are writing. Also, change zoom levels, enable full screen, switch to night mode, and much more.

Layout options

  1. Click More > View tab. The Layout panel will open.
  2. Under Document Layout, choose Page View or Web View. You can have the web view set to a custom width by entering or choosing a percentage.


By default, your documents are always displayed in page view.

To set web view as the default view,

Go to Settings > Preferences. Under Default Document View, select Web View as default and save your preferences.

Zooming options

Use the Zoom options to enlarge or reduce the view of your document. For example, you can reduce the zoom levels, so that you can have a view of multiple pages at once.

To change zoom levels,

  1. Click More > View tab. The Layout panel will open.
  2. Click the drop-down under the Zoom option and choose between the available magnification levels based on your requirements.

Alternatively, click the button showing the percentage figure located in the lower-right corner of the window. A pop-up menu will appear listing a range of possible zoom percentages. Select your preferred size.

View document in a multi-page layout

While you layout a lengthy document, it’s sometimes helpful to have a bird’s eye view of your pages for viewing or printing. You can jump to a specific page easily without having to scroll between multiple pages.

To view your document in a multi-page layout, do the following:

  1. Click More > View tab. The Layout panel will open.
  2. Click the drop-down near the Zoom option and choose the required option from the list.

    Alternatively, click the zoom option in the bottom right of the editor and choose layout options.

Note: Make sure you use bigger font size to improve readability in a two page or multiple page views.


You can preview your document in a selective view by using the Show/Hide options.

  1. Click More > View tab. The Layout panel will open.
  2. Under Show/Hide, enable the Show button near the required options. For example, to view the document with images, enable the Show button near document images. If you wish the view the document without images, bookmarks, and smart gridlines, then disable the Show button.

Full-screen mode

Enable full-screen mode to work without distractions. This hides all the menus and you will just have the editor.

To enable full screen,

  1. Click on the Page View icon at the bottom right of the editor and choose Enter Full Screen.
  2. Use the shortcut Command+F11 on macOS and Control+F11 on Windows to change to full-screen mode.

Night mode

Night Mode in Writer is an option for you to quickly turn the screen to dark mode at night time.

To turn on night mode,

Open your document and click on the Night mode button at the bottom panel of your screen.

Please note that formatting including text color or background changes done to the content will not be applied when you view or edit your document in dark mode.

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