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It’s common to generate PDF or Word documents using Document Merge and send them via email to multiple recipients. What if you want to do more? For example, what if you require to send those documents out for digital signing or save them in the cloud or print them. Now that you know how to create a data source and setup document merge in Writer, let’s be sure how you deliver the document to each recipient.

Filter records

Sort or filter the recipient list before you start Mail Merge in Writer. You can customize your merge and create a filter to include or exclude certain records based on a specific criteria. For example, if you want to send offer letters for records with “Designation” specified as “Content Writer” in your data source, you can filter the recipient list based on the above condition and send the email only to these records.

Once you have linked the data source and set up your merge fields, choose to filter the recipient details from the Merge existing data panel.

To filter records,

  1. Open the target document.
  2. Click More > Automate > Merge using existing data.
  3. Under Select Data Source, you will find a Filter icon next to the linked data source file.

In the following Filter Records popup you can,

  • Filter records based on certain conditions
  • Filter records between a particular range.

Filter records based on conditions

If you want to filter records based on certain conditions, use this option. For example, if you want to send the mail to the users with a particular criteria, you can specify the condition and click Filter.

Filter records between a particular range

If you want to send the document to a particular range of records from your mailing list, you can use this option.

  1. Choose the "Between a particular range" option from the filter records popup.
  2. Set the record range and click Filter.

Preview merged documents

You can create merged documents individually or combine all documents into one and print them or modify them individually.

To preview and print merged documents,

  1. Click PreviewMerge under Preview Document header of the Merge Existing Data Panel. You can see a preview of the final merged document.
  2. Now click Print or Download buttons to print/download your documents. You can choose to print/download the current record or all records based on your needs.

Merge and save as individual files

You can merge and save your documents in any folder of your choice right inside Writer.

To merge and store documents individually,

  • Choose Merge and save as individual files as an output option under Choose Output header of the Merge using existing data Panel.

    The Create Merged Document pop-up will open.
  • Customize the File Name by adding adding merge tags.
  • You can either create separate documents for each record or combine all the merged documents in one document and save it a folder inside Writer. By default, the merged documents will be saved to the root folder of your Zoho Docs account. Click Choose to save it to a particular folder of your choice.
  • Click Create.

    The final merged documents will be created and stored.

Merge and email

Once your merged document is ready, you can start sending it to your mail recipients. Writer gives you multiple options before you send your final merged document.

To email merged documents

  1. Click Merge and send via email under Complete Merge header of the Mail Merge Panel.
  2. The Email Merged Document pop-up will open. Choose the required settings and send the final shipment to your mail recipients.

See steps below:

Mail - Settings

1. Configure Sender Email from which the emails has to be sent:

If your organization handles multiple domains, you might use multiple aliases for the same email account. In that case, the additional email address can be configured and set up as an email alias to your business account.You can configure the sender's email address in Writer's Mail Merge and choose the "from: address" to work with one of your aliases. Different individuals from different departments can send out emails from their devices, using their own accounts, yet they carry the alias of the same business account in the final shipment.

2. Choose the Email field:

Enter/Choose the required email id from the email field. Also, include Cc/Bcc email ids to send a copy of the mails to particular recipients.

3. Enter a personalized Subject Line

The subject line is one of the factors that make the reader either open or delete your message. It is more beneficial when there is unique and relevant data in the subject line of your email.

  • In the E Mail Merged Document popup, click the icon to insert fields in your subject. Say for example, you want to include the <<Name>> field, so that subject of your email will be personalized with the name of the recipient.
  • Choose the relevant field and type in the subject line.

4. Email as: You can choose to email your merged document as inline, or attach your merged document as a PDF file or a .docx file. In addition to this, you can also include an additional attachment to your mail.

5. Scheduling

Schedule the time to which your email has to be sent, since it is important to catch the attention of your customers at the right time. For example, send holiday messages, event invites, press releases, or schedule birthday greetings. Also, you can create email newsletters with any upcoming offers and schedule them in advance.

To schedule the Mail Merge process,

  1. Choose the Send Now option and click Send, to send your email right away.
  2. Click Schedule for later and set the required time, click Send. The Mail Merge process will be scheduled.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to track the delivery status of the scheduled merge. You can click on the link to view the status of the Mail Merge activities.

You can cancel the scheduled Mail Merge process and follow ups from the Mail Merge panel anytime, before the process starts. The cancelled Mail Merge activities will be listed under the Mail Merge Logs with a “Stopped” status.

Merge and send for sign collection (Bulk Send)

Send the merged document to multiple signers from Writer.

To merge and send for sign collection,

  1. Choose merge and send for sign collectionoption under the Choose Output header of the Merge existing data panel. The Merge and Sign pop-up will open.
  2. In the Merge and Sign pop-up, enter the details of your signers in the Signer Details tab.
    • To be signed by: Choose who should sign your document. You can choose "Only me", "Only Others" and "Me and others".
    • Enter signer details: Enter the signer email id. Click on the plus icon to insert a merge field to your signer details. You can add up to 10 signers.
    • Enter a unique title to your email.
    • Enter email subject and message, if required.
    • Add additional attachments to your email. See how to add attachments.
  3. Click Advanced Settings tab and do the following:
    • Set expiry and reminder to collect the sign.
    • Choose the actions to be performed after signing: You can choose to add the signed documents to any folder inside Writer. Also, choose to email the signed documents to any email id.
  4. Once the above configuration is done, click the Send for collection button.

Mail - Attachment Options

Add attachments to your final shipment, if required. You can add common attachment to all your recipients or choose to add unique attachment to each recipient based on your requirements.

Add common attachment

Say for example, your HR team wants to send customized welcome emails to new recruits, which should also contain a copy of the company policy. In that case, the Additional Attachment option will solve the problem.

To add a common attachment,

  1. In the Email Merged Document popup, you will have an option to insert additional attachments.
  2. Click the Add Attachment drop-down.
  3. Choose the Add Common Attachment option from the dropdown.
  4. Attach the required file from your desktop or upload from a cloud drive. Click Send to email the final shipment.

Add unique attachment

To send different attachment to each recipient, you can use this option. Say for example, you want to send offer letters or appraisal details to your employees.

To send unique attachment,

  1. Click the Add Attachment drop-down in the Email Merged Document popup.
  2. Choose Add Unique Attachment option from the dropdown. The Unique Attachment Settings pop-up will open.
  3. Choose to pick your files from attachment URLs of your data source or choose directly from your Zoho Docs folder.

    Map the respective field name and click Done.

Your attachment will be sent along with the merged document, once you choose to send the shipment to all your recipients.

Note: Maximum file size allowed: 3MB

If your attachment exceeds the maximum size limit, you can create a shared link in your docs folder and include the link in your email message body.

Mail - status tracking

Keep track of the your Mail Merge activities using the Mail Merge logs option. Say for example, you want to cancel sending your scheduled mail or you want to send out your mails a little earlier than planned. How do you keep track of the delivered or bounced emails? These common problems can be solved with the help of Mail Merge Logs. This gives a consolidated summary of your Mail Merge sessions in a separate docs template.

Mail status report

Since bulk emails are scheduled and throttled, the best way to monitor the mail merge process and track successful and failed emails is by having a view of these logs. Also, share or download logs for your records, if required.

To view the mail merge status,

  1. Switch to the Distribute mode on your merged document and choose Mail Merge.
    Alternatively, click More > Automate > Merge using existing data. The Merge existing data panel will open.
  2. Click VIEW MERGE LOGS under the Monitor output header. You can view the status of your document merge activities here.

In case of scheduled Mail Merge activities, you will receive an email with a link to track the delivery status of the scheduled merge. You can click on the link to view the status of the merging activities. Also cancel the scheduled process and follow ups from the Mail Merge logs panel anytime, before it starts. The canceled Document Merge activities will be listed under the Logs with a “Aborted” status.

Error codes

The following table shows the possible error cases that may interrupt the mail merge process:

Error codeReason
3Daily mail limit for your mail merge exceeded.
4The "To" address is found to be invalid.
On HoldAttachment failed and the mail merge operation is stopped. Please try again.
8Failed to fetch the related list data.
12Failed to create attachment.
22Email could not be sent. Please try again.
26Mail hard bounce. Please check the recipient’s email address and try again.
27Mail soft bounce.
28Failed to create HTML.
44Unable to download the attachment.
46Unable to add the attachment to the record.
47Failed to include the 'unique attachment'.
71Permission denied for the selected folder
82Unable to send the merged document to the webhook URL.

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