Merge on Form Submit

Merge on form submission

Configure any Writer document to work with Zoho Forms with Form Automation. All you need to do is, build your form and insert the form fields as placeholders in the required areas of your target document. Whenever user submits the form, the form fields will be replaced with respect to the submitted data. On form submission, you are allowed create PDF or Word documents based on the collected data and choose to download, save or email the merged document.

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Writer's advanced form automation features, helps you automate multiple business actions and complete routine tasks without having to waste your time. Whenever a user submits a Form, you can choose the following actions to be performed automatically.

1. File download on Form submission:

For example, you've created a web app where you want to provide a file download as soon as your users fill the form and hit the submit button.

2. Save the document inside Writer whenever the user submits the form:

You have a form embedded in your website and you require saving that information collected from the Form inside a Writer document or you want to automatically populate a document with form data and save it inside Writer for your reference.

3. Automatically email the document to each recipient who submits the form:

For example, you require to automate the process of sending thank you letters for the users submitting a survey in your website.

To automatically send thank you letters to each user submitting the survey, you need the following:

  1. Create a survey in Zoho Form
  2. Collect recipient details
  3. Create a thank you letter template in Writer. You can merge the data collected via Zoho Forms with the thank you letter template and email to multiple users using the Form Automation feature.

Form automation can be enabled with a few basic steps. See below:

Step 1: Get Started

  1. Open a new document or an existing document template.
  2. Click More > Automate > Document Merge > Merge on Form Submission.

Step 2: Create form

Create your Form with required fields to collect input from users and link it to the document. You can insert fields of the form as merge fields in your document.

Learn how to create a new form or link your existing form right within Writer.

Step 3: Set up form fields for merge

Once you have created a new form or linked your existing form into Writer, you can choose the necessary fields to be inserted in your document.

Learn how to set up form fields for merge.

Step 4: Choose output options

Once your template is ready with related form fields, you can set up the actions that you want to automate.

You can deliver the final merged document in one or all of the following ways.

  • Save a copy to a folder
  • Email the document
  • Send for signature
  • Push data to Zoho Sheet
  • Allow respondent to download the document.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to choose the output options.

Step 5: Preview, share and track output

Before you share your Form, make sure the automation works as expected. You can test and finalize with sample data. Learn more

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