Connecting a Data Source

Connecting a Data Source

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Data Sources

Writer fetches data from the source document and places it in the merge template to generate separate output documents for each record. The source document can be anyone from the following options:

  1. CSV or JSON file
  2. Zoho Contacts
  3. Zoho Sheet
  4. Zoho Forms
  5. Zoho Creator
  6. Zoho CRM

Make sure all the fields are connected to the data source. You will be indicated if there are unmapped fields in the document. Click Map Now and link them to the data source.

Filtering records

Choose records from the data source either based on conditions or from a particular range to be used for mail merge.

How to filter records:

  1. Under 'Select Data Source', click
  2. Select Based on conditions if you want to set up condition(s) for the records. Alternatively, choose Between a particular range to choose records using range.

Manage Data Source

Switch between source documents or remove the selected data source in order to start over with a new one.

  1. Click and choose to change or remove the data source.

Neither of these options will remove the inserted fields from the document.

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