Microsoft Word Compatibility

Writer is a fully featured word processor. What that means is that it's designed to work well with your Microsoft Word documents, like nothing ever changed.

Here's a quick overview of the major Microsoft Word features supported by Writer:

Microsoft Word FeatureZoho Writer
Basic Features
List (Check Lists & Heading Lists & Image List)
Equations & Symbols
Hyperlinks & Bookmarks
Endnotes & Footnotes
Shapes & Textbox
Headings, quote blocks & code
Drop Cap & Pull Quotes
Form Fields
Media & Web Widgets
Bibliography & CitationsRoadmap
Editing Options
Text Formatting
Text EffectsRoadmap
Text Direction (LTR & RTL)
Spacing and Indentation
Alignment & Tab stops
Borders & Shading
Image (Rotate, Crop & Resize)
Table row & cell (Merge & Split)
Format Painter
Auto correct & Quick Text
Advanced Editing Options
Effect to ImagesAvailability Q1 2021
Offline Editing
Captions (Table & Image)Availability Q1 2021
Formulae in Tables
Table of Contents
Page Border
Multi-Reviewer Comments
Zoom In & Out
Layout Options
Page Layout (A4/Letter)
Multi-Column Layout
Headers & Footers (First & Odd/Even Page)
Manual Page Breaks & Column Breaks
Table Column ( Distribute Columns or Fit To Page)
Cover PageAvailability Q1 2021
Section BreaksAvailability Q1 2021
Outline modeAvailability Q1 2021
Page View & Web View modes
Document Generation & Assembly
Mail Merge
Label & Envelope Merge
Electronic Signature
Document Sharing & Collaboration
Co-Authoring & Collaborative Review
Contextual Comments (Reply & Resolve)
Track Changes (Accept & Reject)
Email Document
Publishing to Web
Publishing to WordPress
Document Review & Proofing
Spell Check & Grammar (As you type)
Live Word Count & Page Count
Personal Dictionary
Find & Replace
Version History
Document Security
Password Protected Sharing
Password Protected Download
Lock Shared Content
Mask Shared Content
Restrict Editing
Document Design & Customization
Page Borders
Table Themes
Document Themes
Save Document As – Docx, RTF, HTML, PDF
Import Document – HTML, Docx, RTF
Platform /Browser Support
iOS (Phone & iPad)
Windows | macOS

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Also, take a quick comparison of the major Google Docs features supported by Writer. Download PDF

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