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Powered by advanced machine-learning technology, Writer's grammar checker intelligently scans for grammatical errors and suggests corrections based on the context of what you've written.

  • Homophones

    With Writer, you'll never mistake "affect" for "effect" again. Context-aware suggestions will help you pick the right similar-sounding word.

  • Subject-Verb agreement

    Verb conjugation is one of the most common errors in writing. Writer's grammar checker can suggest the right form and tense based on your sentence structure.

  • Redundancy

    Our grammar checker helps improve your writing by pointing out repetitive or redundant words and suggesting better alternatives.

  • Punctuation

    A missing period or misplaced comma can make your writing seem less polished. Let Writer be your proofreader and point out incorrect punctuation.


Our grammar checker uses the Flesch-Kincaid index to determine how easy your writing is to read, and then makes suggestions for ways to reduce complexity so you can appeal to a broader audience.

  • Run-on sentences

    Writer identifies run-on sentences so you can revise them to precisely convey your thoughts.

  • Polysyllabic words

    Using too many long words can make your content difficult to read. Writer identifies such words and offers simpler alternatives you can use.

  • Average Sentence Length

    Brevity is the soul of good professional writing. That's why Writer cuts down lengthy sentences that prevent you from conveying your concept clearly.

Writing Style

Writer's smart writing assistant tracks how you use adverbs, clichés, and passive sentences to help present the best version of your unique written voice.

  • Wordy Phrases

    Get suggestions for ways to shorten phrases and avoid redundancy so you can make your point more clearly.

  • Clichés

    Writer identifies any overused words or phrases and offers more effective alternatives.

  • Passive sentences

    Anything written in passive voice appears less direct and that's why our grammar checker makes sure that you avoid using them in your writing.

Writer's writing assistant intelligently examines every element of your writing to strengthen what you want to say

Checks grammar

  • Homophones
  • Repeated words
  • Sentence agreement
  • Punctuation
  • Redundant words
  • Incorrect spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Incorrect verb forms
  • Split infinitives
  • Article usage
  • Double Comparatives
  • Verb-Adverb agreement

Improves readability

  • Run-on sentences
  • Polysyllabic words
  • Sentence length
  • Nominalization
  • Unclear pronouns

Enhances writing quality

  • Wordy phrases
  • Cliches
  • Passive sentences
  • Rephrasable sentences
  • Informal writing
  • Vague word choices
  • Hedging expressions
  • Double Negatives
  • Weak adjectives & Adverbs

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