Oft asked questions in Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer | April 24, 2006 | 2 min read

It is high time we had an FAQ for Zoho Writer. Sorry that we haven’t one yet. Some of the oft repeated queries/requests below:

Will Zoho Writer be free forever?
Yes, there will be the current Personal Free Version and we will be charging for the Corporate Edition. For more, refer to this post by Torley & the comment left by Sridhar, our CEO.

How much space do you offer?
Zoho Writer offers unlimited space as of now. However we plan to limit this to 1 GB when we go out of Beta

Does Zoho Writer allow me to post to WordPress?
Yes, of course. The confusion here seems to be that WordPress isn’t listed in the drop-dpwn combo box. Please follow the instructions here or here for posting to WordPress blogs. Remember, Zoho Writer supports Blogger, Typepad & Live Journal blogs too.

Does Zoho Writer offer double spacing (alter line spacing)?
No, not yet. We do have plans to offer spacing options soon though. Yes, we have the option now!

Does Zoho Writer offer word count?
Word (and character) count is of course there! Type any document in Zoho Writer & click ‘Save’. Seems many of you don’t notice the pop-up bubble that comes (so unobstrusively, if I may add!) then at the right-bottom of your screen. We plan to display the word count on the click of a button too in the near future.

Support for ODT (most asked!) & RTF
We will be providing support soon. It’s there now.

I’m using Firefox. Can you use Copy-Paste in Zoho Writer?
This query is due to the fact that you get a security related alert when you try using the Cut/Copy icons of Zoho Writer. A workaround would be to use Ctrl-X/Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V (Cmd- X/C/V for Mac users) shortcut keys instead.

Make Zoho Writer available in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish … (sorry if I have left out your mother tongue). Also, have spellcheckers in all major languages.
Yes, we will eventually. The highest priority for us now is to make Zoho Writer go out of Beta & we will start working on these requests from the passionate international community up after that. (Zoho Writer supports Unicode & you should be able to write your docs in your native language even now)

How do I print from Zoho Writer?
The current Print feature is ‘hidden’ well, to say the least. You have to click on Preview -> Print Preview -> Print. We will make this a lot more easier soon.

I shared a do with my friend with Read/Write access. But it is turning up as Read Only. Why?
The ‘Read/Write’ gets set as ‘Read Only’ when the members you invite don’t have Zoho Writer accounts (at the time of you sharing them a doc). This we do for security reasons. Once he/she signs up, we automatically turn this to Read/Write.

Have a single sign-on for all Zoho products. (some ask for Zoho Writer/Planner integration)
Yes, all in good time. We will be providing single sign-on too.

Do you have a question that you think we should add on to the above FAQ? Post it in the comments please. I will try updating the above & have a FAQ page put up soon too.

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