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Group calls, now available on Android

The Cliq Android app now supports group audio or video calls. Don't have the app yet? 

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ConnectNew Feature

Bring your planned events to Zoho Connect

Import events from other calendar services you use into Zoho Connect by uploading them as a CSV file.


Zoho Sheet now comes in two shades!

We've introduced Dark mode in Zoho Sheet, much to the delight of users who prefer the night mode on their apps, be it day or night.


Start a meeting from your Outlook account

Don't you all spend a good amount of time in your mailbox? We've released a Zoho Meeting plug-in for MS Outlook that lets you start and schedule a meeting right in the middle of checking your emails!

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MeetingNew Feature

Your meeting link spells your name

Businesses can customize the Zoho Meeting domain name with the name of their brand, for better credibility and brand awareness. The meeting links you send out will bear your unique company name!

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New App

One integrated mobile app with advanced search

We've launched an integrated Workplace mobile app for both Android and iOS with a comfortable launcher to open and work on any of the products in the bundle. Advanced search capabilities with multi-level filters, makes searching across the suite easy, quick, and precise. Download on your Android or iOS devices today!

MailNew Service

Launching ZeptoMail— a transactional email service by Zoho Mail

The transactional emails that your application or service sends are not everyday communication emails, they are far more important and should be delivered instantly without fail. This is why Zoho Mail built ZeptoMail exclusively for transactional email delivery.

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Zoho Writer right inside Cliq. Go ahead, write inside Cliq!

Zoho Writer's document capabilities are now available inside Cliq. You can create, share, edit documents all while having a Cliq conversation.

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Page views on mobile and iPad

View your writer documents on your mobile and iPad apps the same way you view them on the web with the new Page view.

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WorkDriveNew Feature

Draft before Publish

WorkDrive introduces Draft settings at the team level, which can either be enabled or disabled. Once enabled, all new documents created in the team folder will be first saved as drafts, and the owner can mark them ready when they're good to go for the team's eyes.


Updates for a better online meeting experience

We spend so much time on meetings these days, so it only makes sense to keep improving the experience for our users! Zoho Meeting now has options to rename instant meetings instead of just using the user's name by default. Participants can now rename themselves in a meeting. Presenters can rename themselves, as well as participants. Ever kept talking without realizing you were on mute? Our notifications will help you avoid such facepalm moments!



Streams posts and comments are now editable

You don't have to worry anymore about redoing a post because of a couple of mistakes, or deleting a comment to cover up an embarrassing typo. Edit option is here to the rescue!

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Copy your spreadsheet attachments to Zoho Sheet

Love using Zoho Sheet, but your senders are still attaching XLS/XLSX spreadsheets? Copy your attachment instantly to Zoho Sheet to view, edit, share, and collaborate on it.

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Zia says Hola!

Our intelligent assistant Zia can now speak Español. Get grammar, spelling, and writing style suggestions on your documents for all variants of Español.

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WriterNew Feature

Seal it with Signature Blocks

Save your signature and signee details as a signature block and simply insert it into your documents in a single click.

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Add a new language to OCR search

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) helps in searching for text within images. Besides English, team admins can now choose one more language to recognize.

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ConnectNew Feature

Compelling post but short on time? Save to read later

When you are  scrolling through Connect and find interesting articles, forums, posts, or town hall questions, save them to your Read Later list. You can also set reminders to get back to them later.

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WriterNew Feature

Say hello to True Offline in Zoho Writer

Work on documents when you aren't connected to the internet both on the web and mobile without interruptions using True Offline.

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Replacing External Users with Guests in Connect

External Users can access Files, Custom Apps, and Surveys, besides the other features the Guests in Connect had access to.

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MailNew Service

Introducing Toolkit by Zoho Mail

Toolkit is a free lookup tool by Zoho Mail for admin-related queries. You run domain checks, analyze email headers, check for open ports, get registry details and also look up domain details using Toolkit.

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WriterNew Feature

Interactive Documents in Writer

You can add fillable fields to the documents that are created in Writer. From drop-downs to signatures and address fields, you can add any field and also publish the document as a form.

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ShowTimeNew Feature

Password protected virtual training sessions in ShowTime

Configure unique passwords for ShowTime training sessions. The attendees will be able to enter the session only if they enter the password.

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Zoho Mail now integrates with Zoho People

With the Zoho People integration in Zoho Mail, you can now check-in and check-out from Zoho People in Zoho Mail itself. You can also view the availability status of your colleagues from the Contact card. 

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WriterNew Feature

Introducing template-driven document automation

Create customized marketing templates, contracts and proposals and cut down on repetitive manual work with template-driven document automation.

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WorkDriveNew App

WorkDrive TrueSync App for Mac (Beta)

Sync your WorkDrive files with your Mac with the WorkDrive TrueSync App. The app creates a virtual drive in your computer and lets you access your WorkDrive files online or offline depending on your settings.

Download TrueSync App for Mac

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WorkDriveNew Feature

Built-in migration tool for Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan

You can now migrate your files from OneDrive to WorkDrive with the built-in migration tool for all Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan users.

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Introducing the newest version of Zoho Writer - 6.0

Zoho Writer steps into its latest version with some amazing features like engagement insights, restricting specific users from viewing your comments, document automation and more.

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SheetNew Feature

Link or refer to cell ranges across spreadsheets with IMPORTRANGE

The IMPORTRANGE function in Zoho Sheet now allows you to link or refer to cell ranges across different spreadsheets.

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WorkDriveNew Feature

Organize your WorkDrive files with labels

Add labels to files in WorkDrive to categorize and identify them. Files having common labels will be sorted and grouped together. You can add labels based on priority, status, task, and much more.

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WorkDriveNew App

WorkDrive TrueSync App for Windows (Beta)

The WorkDrive TrueSync App for Windows creates a virtual drive in your computer space and allows sync of your WorkDrive files with your computer. You can access your WorkDrive files online or offline via TrueSync App depending on your settings. 

Download TrueSync App for Windows (Beta)

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Zoho Meeting gets a UI revamp

Zoho Meeting's new UI helps presenters and participants to use features conveniently. Some of the new features introduced are active speaker frame where the frame of the active speaker is highlighted, search and sort participants list and webinar notifications.


Introducing the Remote Work tab in Zoho Cliq

The Remote Work tab in Zoho Cliq gives a combined view of the members in your department, group calls and scheduled meetings, user availability reports and contextual native integrations. You can also check in and check out, and also update your status from this tab. 

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Zoho Cliq and Zoho People Integration in Admin Panel

For organizations using Zoho People as HRMS, you can configure Cliq - People integration directly from Cliq's admin panel.

Here's how: Head over to your Admin panel > Integrations > Zoho People.

ShowTimeNew Feature

Invite guest trainers during your ShowTime training

Zoho ShowTime lets you add guest trainers for your training sessions. You can add external experts as guest trainers and broaden the perspective during training. 

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Zoho Cliq integration in email attachments, bookmarks and Streams

Zoho Mail has a new integration with Zoho Cliq. You can share email attachments, Streams posts' permalinks, and bookmarks from your inbox directly in Zoho Cliq.

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Multiple video feeds and bandwidth conservation in Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting allows video conferencing up to 100 participants with multiple video feeds. Each video feed shows up to 24 participants at a time on the screen. Also, the Conserve bandwidth option helps you optimally manage and use internet bandwidth when your connection is poor.

MailNew Feature

Edit documents from email attachments in Writer

You can open and edit documents received in email attachments directly with Zoho Writer using the Edit with Zoho Writer option. 


Integrating Zoho People with Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect has rolled out a new integration with Zoho People. Once you integrate, you can check-in, check-out, apply leave and do more of Zoho People activities from Zoho Connect itself. 

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WorkDrive storage increased for Workplace Professional Plan

For those who have opted for Workplace Professional Plan, WorkDrive storage has been upgraded to 1 TB upto 10 users from the previous storage limit of 100 GB upto 10 users. For every additional user, 100GB will be added to the current storage. 

Note: This change is applicable for existing and new users as well. 

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New languages support in Zoho WorkDrive web app

In addition to the 27 languages supported, the following languages have been added to Zoho WorkDrive:

  • Thai (ไทย)
  • Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Malay (Bahasa Melayu)
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Attach files and folders from WorkDrive in Zoho CRM

You can now attach files and folders from Zoho WorkDrive as a link in Zoho CRM modules. While attaching, you can choose from various levels of permission for users to access the link.


Sync Zoho Connect Calendar with Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Sync your Zoho Connect Calendar with your Microsoft Outlook Calendar using the Zoho Connect plugin for Microsoft Outlook. 

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Integrating Zoho Show with Giphy

Integrate Zoho Show with your Giphy account and start adding GIFs to your slides without switching between applications.

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Zoho Mail supports 16 new display languages

Zoho Mail also supports 16 new display languages besides the previously supported 44 languages. You can select your Display language from the System Settings in Zoho Mail.


WorkDrive iOS and Android app updates

You can now scan and upload documents as images or PDFs in WorkDrive's iOS app. The iOS app also supports dark mode and file/folder sharing with groups. 

In the Android app, tighter integrations have been made with other Zoho apps like Zoho Cliq, Zoho Mail and Zoho Search to interact with the team members while viewing Team Details. Filters in search, enhanced file upload experience, share files/folders with groups are other updates that have been made to the Android app.



Introducing Race Charts in Zoho Sheet

Race charts are animated bar charts that adjust dynamically when data is entered in the sheet. You can also customize the chart style, axis, animation speed and more. An added advantage is that you can publish your race charts on your website or blogs. 

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WorkDrive Picker for Zoho Mail, Zoho CRM, Zoho Connect and Zoho ShowTime

You can now attach WorkDrive files using the eWidget in Zoho Mail as a link or a copy. In CRM, WorkDrive folders can be attached as links. In Connect, WorkDrive files in Team Folders and My Folders can be attached as links to posts, tasks and events. In ShowTime, once you create a session, you can attach files from WorkDrive as a link.

After attaching the files/folders as links, you can assign view permissions for the files/folders.


Cloud Picker for Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, and Zoho Subscriptions

WorkDrive is now available via Cloud Picker in Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, and Zoho Subscriptions. With this integration, you can attach WorkDrive files as a copy from Team Folders or My Folders.


Import your data from Zoho WorkDrive to Zoho Analytics

You can import CSV, Excel (XLS and XLSX), HTML, JSON, XML and Tabular text files in My Folders or a Team Folder in Zoho WorkDrive to Zoho Analytics for advanced reporting and analysis.

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Zoho Forms Integration with Zoho WorkDrive

You can now store and manage attachments from Zoho Forms in WorkDrive. You can also choose to store the form submission as a PDF file in WorkDrive.


Integrating PagerDuty with Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq’s Integration with PagerDuty brings real-time alerts to the Cliq channel. This helps the team to communicate and resolve incidents effectively. 

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Integrate Zoho Show with Slack

The Zoho Show - Slack integration lets you create presentations within Slack using Zoho Show, allows sharing presentations between Slack channels and more.

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Zoho WorkDrive replaces Zoho Docs in the Zoho Workplace bundle

Zoho Docs will no more be available for Zoho Workplace users and is replaced by Zoho WorkDrive. Workplace's Standard plan users will be mapped to WorkDrive's Basic edition and Workplace's Professional plan users will be mapped to WorkDrive's Starter edition.


Intergromat, Blendr.io, and Workato integrations in Zoho Mail

We have added few more integrations for you in Zoho Mail. Now connect Zoho Mail to external apps such as Integromat, Blendr.io and Workato from the eWidget. 

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Integrate your Zoho Notebook account with Zoho Connect

Any note that you take on Zoho Connect can be synced with Zoho Notebook. Be it notes on posts, forums, manuals, tasks, events, and town hall questions, they are automatically synced with Zoho Notebook using this integration. 

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Zoho Workplace Dashboard moves out of beta

The Workplace Dashboard is now available to all the global customers. The Dashboard offers a unified view of the Workplace apps and helps you manage the day to day  notifications and activities. 



Zoho Workplace Dashboard Beta release

Access all your Workplace apps in one window using the Zoho Workplace Dashboard (Beta). You can customize your dashboard with widgets of your choice, rearrange them according to your preference and save a lot of time without navigating between tabs. 

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Start integrating Zoho Sign with Zoho Mail

This latest extension in Zoho Mail lets you add more authenticity to your emails. You can use digital signatures in your emails, or set up e-sign workflows to collect signatures and obtain approvals on paperwork from the eWidget in Zoho Mail.

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