Switch from Google Chats to Zoho Cliq

Once you have made your switch to Zoho Workplace from Google Workspace, you'll need to get your Zoho Cliq account set up. This guide will help you understand the features available in Zoho Cliq so you can use it effectively.

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  • Get started with Zoho Cliq
  • Features that you'll enjoy in Zoho Cliq
    • Multi-chat view
    • Forked chats
    • Channels
    • Threads
    • Meetings
    • Remote work
    • Integrations
    • Custom bots and internal tools
  • Compare Google Chats and Zoho Cliq features

Get started with Zoho Cliq

Using workplace.zoho.com, log in to your Zoho Workplace account using your email address and password. Navigate to Zoho Cliq from the header. You can also log in to Zoho Cliq using your Workplace account from cliq.zoho.com.

Features that you'll enjoy in Zoho Cliq

By using Zoho Cliq to its fullest potential, you can enhance your organization's productivity and collaborate efficiently. We've highlighted some of the most useful features below.

Multi-chat view

The multi-chat view lets you open multiple chats on the screen at a time. This means there's no more switching between key conversation tabs as you work.

Forked chats

With the fork chat feature, you can create a new chat window from a specific point in your existing conversation and onboard other colleagues to discuss.


Cliq Channels are enhanced versions of group chats that allow users to collaborate and connect. These can be used at different levels, whether it's organization-wide or team-specific. Plus, create external channels to communicate with users outside of the organization. You can also assign roles to users in channels and configure the permission settings.


Organize your conversations and have topic-specific discussions by creating threads.


Collaborate with your team over audio or video anytime using Cliq's meeting feature. Set up calls with your team instantly, right from your conversation window. You can also share your screen, simultaneously communicate through chat, record the call, and take notes.

Remote Work

Experience the ease of collaborating in an office setup, even when you're working remotely. Cliq's Remote Work feature allows you to communicate in real-time and aims to provide the convenience of working in an office setting.

The Remote Work tab offers virtual check-in and check-out, status updates based on specific availability, a live video broadcasting feed, and the ability to instantly engage in meetings. It also facilitates effective project management from a remote workspace.


Stay up to date and access data by integrating other Zoho and third-party apps with your Cliq account. For example, connecting your Asana account allows you to track your projects and update the task status from your Cliq window.

Custom bots and internal tools

Create a tailored Cliq experience by building your own bots and other internal tools. Different bot handlers also come with built-in responses to specific actions or messages.

Compare Google Chats and Zoho Cliq features

Find out how the features in Zoho Cliq and Google Chat stack up against each other.

 Google Chats Zoho Cliq

Select Contacts in the right-hand pane and click on Create contact. Enter all the details including email address and click Save.

Add Contacts

Click on the + icon next to Contacts in the left-hand pane and select users from the suggestion list or by entering their email address. Click Send invites.


Create a space to communicate with a group by clicking on the + icon next to Spaces and navigating to Create space.

Create a channel

Click on Quick action from the top bar. Select Create a Channel, pick the channel type: organization, team, personal or external, enter the necessary details, and click Create Channel.


Start a video call by clicking on the video call icon in the bottom right corner of the chat window.

There are no audio call or broadcasting abilities in Google Chat.

Meeting option in channels or group chat

You can initiate audio and video meetings right from your group chat or channel window. The broadcast option allows users to host a collaborative session or video conference with other participants.

Click the call icon in the top right corner of the chat window and select the type of call to start.

Call options

Start a video call directly from your one-on-one conversation window by clicking on the video call icon.

Call options in personal chat

Start an audio or video call right from your chat window, and share your screen with the other person if you choose.

Pin Conversations

Hover over the chat, select the vertical ellipses option, and click on Pin.

Pin a conversation

Hover over the conversation, select the vertical ellipses option, and click on Pin Conversation. You can also organize pinned conversations in different folders.


Find people, spaces, and messages using search filters.

Advanced search bar

The search bar in Cliq supports OCR-based recognition along with multiple filters to narrow down to accurate results.


Click on the drop-down next to the live status in the top right corner of your screen.

Set status

Click on your profile picture or navigate to the Remote Work tab to select from a list of status options. You can also set custom statuses.


Go to Settings and pick the desired notification sound. You can set only one notification sound, and it cannot be customized based on the type of message you receive.

Notification sound configuration

Set different notification sounds based on the type of message you receive (e.g., one-on-one chats, @mentions, channels, group chats).


There are limited apps available for download in Google Chat. These apps are only available if the admin has installed them for the entire organization.

Cliq integrations

Integrate apps, and build custom bots and commands. Cliq's platform is powered by Deluge, which makes it easy to build and integrate without writing code.


Under settings, use the options to set notifications and configure DND.

Profile and settings

Click your profile picture and select the Profile & Settings option. You can configure general and privacy settings, set themes, and customize your Cliq window.

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