• What are the applications that are included in Zoho Workplace?

    Zoho Workplace consists of three suites as listed below. Each suite in turn includes related applications pertaining to a category, contextually integrated with each other.

    • Office Suite - Zoho Writer, Sheet, and Show
    • Collaboration Suite - Zoho WorkDrive, Showtime and Meeting
    • Mail Suite - Zoho Mail, Cliq and Connect.

    Zoho Docs is now replaced by Zoho Workdrive. 

  • How does user licensing work? Can I have different set of users across the application suite?

    Your Zoho Mail user list will be the master list for all the applications in Workplace bundle. A common Control Panel for provisioning users in different applications, is work in progress. We will post updates once it is available. 

  • What are the storage plans available in Zoho Workplace?

    Zoho Workplace comprises of two plans that vary in terms of storage and features across the application suite. The Standard plan provides a storage of 30GB Mail storage and 5 GB WorkDrive shared storage/user, the Professional plan with 100GB Mail Storage and 10 GB WorkDrive shared storage/user.

  • How does the storage allotment in the Workplace plan work?

    Your storage size depends on the plan you're in, and includes Zoho Mail storage and Zoho WorkDrive storage. In the Workplace Standard plan, each user gets 30 GB of Zoho Mail storage and 5 GB shared storage in Zoho WorkDrive. In the Workplace Professional plan, each user gets 100 GB Zoho Mail storage and 100 GB WorkDrive Team storage for up to 10 members, and 10 GB additional WorkDrive shared storage for every new user added after that.

  • What are the advantages of shifting to the Workplace plan?

    The Workplace plan provides a complete suite of productivity and office applications for your teams. As all these applications are built in Zoho, they are tightly integrated providing your users a smooth user experience rather than hop across applications from different software vendors.

  • Can an existing Zoho Mail user continue using the existing plan?

    The existing users can continue with their current plans, but any new sign ups will be processed through Zoho Workplace.

  • How do I sign up for a Workplace account?

    You can sign up for a Workplace account by visiting workplace.zoho.com, and choosing a suitable plan.

  • How do I shift from my current plan to a Workplace plan?

    The Super Administrator can initiate the upgrade to Workplace plan using the 'Subscription' link on the top of the Zoho mailbox. Plan selection and further processing can be followed as directed on the Subscription page.

  • What modes of payments does Zoho accept?

    We accept payment via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, and Discover. You can also pay via Paypal, Bank transfer for annual subscriptions. Please reach out to us at sales@zohocorp.com for any further details. 

  • How long does it take to set up my Workplace account?

    The basic account setup, domain verification and set up process can be completed within an hour. Depending on the number of users, other customizations required the time taken varies. 

  • Can I buy my domain with Workplace?

    You have options to buy a new domain for setting up Workplace. Even if you already own a domain, you can register additional new domain through Workplace, anytime you need. 

  • After selecting the plans and signing up, do I have to create accounts separately for other Zoho products?

    On signing up for Workplace, accounts in Zoho Connect and Zoho WorkDrive are created automatically for each user. For other Zoho Services, you can set up admins, who can invite users for the respective apps depending on the job role and requirement. 

  • Can I manage multiple domains with Workplace?

    Both Basic and Professional plans in Workplace plans support multiple domain hosting.