A G(reater) Suite of email, calendar, storage, and office apps for businesses, at budget-friendly prices!

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G Suite price change will be effective from April 2019

Zoho Workplace

an integrated suite of every communication and collaboration app you need for business


Zoho Mail

Email with built-in calendar, tasks, and notes


Zoho Cliq

Instant messaging


Zoho WorkDrive

File Management for teams


Zoho Writer

Online office suite


Zoho Sheet

Online office suite


Zoho Show

Online office suite


Zoho Connect

Corporate social network


Zoho Meeting

Web conferencing solution


Zoho Showtime

Audience engagement tool

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  • Features
  • Business email  
  • Email Sharing  
  • Folder Sharing   
  • Calendar   
  • Group Notes   
  • Group Tasks   
  • Instant Messaging   
  • Online Storage   
  • Online Office Suite   
  • Native apps for iOS and Android   

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Your clients trust their data with you, and you can trust it with us. Rest assured that your data is always yours and we never monetize your data in any way, even for free accounts.

Comprehensive Partner Admin Console

Manage your client organizations with our central Partner Admin Console -a one-stop for all your email management needs. You can also generate revenue reports and commission details, and map your existing customers and administer them from the Partner Admin Console.

Manage your
CRM better

As a reseller, you have access to Zoho CRM, which let's you manage all your clients, leads, and potentials in one place. Never lose a deal, with in-depth analytics that help you with day-to-day sales activities.

free Migration

Seamless migration of your entire client organization’s emails, calendars, and contacts from G Suite is just a few clicks away. You won’t miss a thing! Just use our exclusive G Suite migration tool, to make your transition a smooth one.

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