Bangkok animation studio discovers benefits of Zoho Workplace

The company

RiFF Studio is an animation studio based in Bangkok that is rapidly gaining industry recognition for bringing unique artistry and technology to many films, VFX, animation series, video games, and commercials. Their clients hail from Thailand and beyond, including major content creators in Japan and New York. Over the years, the company has expanded their services to cover a wide range of services along the production value chain.

The challenge

As the company grew, communication increasingly became a challenge. It was important for team members to effectively collaborate to ensure projects were properly managed and delivered. Initially, most employees were working on projects using their personally preferred communication applications. "This fragmented communication network caused confusion as the team grew and we had to seek out a solution to unify communication across our various teams," said Eddy Vorachart, chief technology officer of RiFF Studio.

The solution

After extensive research that included exploring many different applications, RiFF Studio decided that Zoho Workplace was the best fit to answer a number of the organization's existing challenges. Unlike other productivity suites, Zoho Workplace included a number of communication solutions in Zoho Cliq and Connect that best addressed the needs of RiFF Studio. Zoho Cliq quickly became the most used tool for employees of RiFF Studio. Team members were able to create virtual working groups to work on ongoing projects. For RiFF Studio's management, the announcement feature in Cliq was particularly useful for broadcasting company information to ensure that their distributed teams were on the same page with important updates. With the newest Cliq 3.0 update, RiFF Studio finds themselves increasingly conducting meetings on Cliq because video recording is now enabled in Cliq 3.0, among other useful features.

Bangkok animation studio discovers benefits of Zoho Workplace

"We found Zoho Workplace to be very functional and there are a lot of solutions that make sense for us in one single package, like email, calendar, file management, and productivity solutions. This makes our work more systematic across the whole company and we are able to collaborate more efficiently," notes Vorachart.

Zoho Connect is the second most used application in the Workplace suite for RiFF. The studio found that having a virtual company board has further improved communication among employees and between teams. As a design-centric business, the manuals application has been useful for storing company manuals in one place to ensure continuity in the design teams. RiFF has also started using Tasks to effectively manage and organize ongoing projects.

Key benefits and ROI

Since using Zoho Workplace, RiFF has found that communication between employees has improved significantly, and the software has helped connect employees working in various locations. The ease of communication enabled RiFF to continue to grow its business amidst the pandemic—its customer base grew by more than 25% over the year and the team has been able to effectively manage projects and deliverables with the assistance of Zoho Workplace.

Looking forward

RiFF Studio is keen to further improve their efficiency with Zoho Workplace. With the seamless productivity and communication solutions provided by Zoho, the RiFF team can focus on their creative process and conceptualize ground breaking works without distractions.

"Zoho's wide variety of products available in the Workplace bundle presents very comprehensive solutions for RiFF. Zoho also integrates seamlessly with many other solutions and this is a flexibility that we greatly appreciate," Eddy said.