What is Staff Scheduling Software?

Staff Scheduling Software is a platform that streamlines the process of scheduling temps in just a few clicks. Job Scheduling and Labor Allocation can be time-consuming, while a minor mistake can prove chaotic and harm a staffing agency's reputation. A reliable staff scheduling solution does the hard work so you can focus on matching the best candidates with the best jobs.

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Why do you need Staff Scheduling Software?

Companies across the globe are revamping their hiring efforts and relying on temp workers more than ever. Temp Job Scheduling Software allows temp staffing agencies to work more efficiently by collecting your temps into an easily searchable database, allowing you to track their availability and schedules, and empowering you to communicate with them better.

Advantages of Staff Scheduling Software

Using software to manage temporary staff scheduling creates an order and flow to your business. Quickly search your temp database for the best available match, add or remove them from the job with a single click, and then notify them immediately. You can also schedule invoices to be automatically generated once a job is complete. Temporary Workforce Schedule Software allows you to manage the whole process using a single interface, saving you time and reducing the possibility of human error.


Quickly adapt to changes in temporary staff availability

Having a buffer in case of schedule changes is crucial to avoiding shift clashes. Job Schedule Software helps you adapt to sudden schedule changes, avoiding temp no-shows by marking them unavailable in the Temp Portal.


Improve temporary staff communications

Keeping everyone informed will ensure temporary workforce make it to their assigned jobs/duties. Sending alerts on new jobs and schedule changes can be automated with an employee Scheduling Software. 


Procedural consistency

Having an resource scheduling software that will walk you through routine procedures reduces the possibility of human error. For example, you can track and process time-off requests without the fear of misplacing, overlooking, or forgetting them completely.


Static/dynamic scheduling

Whether your clients have fixed work shifts or those that change dynamically, Employee Scheduling Software can handle both cases and facilitate an organized workflow.

Key Features of Temporary Staff Scheduling Software


Schedule overview

Viewing your weekly, biweekly, and monthly schedule can give you perspective regarding your temp staff’s schedule. Customize your view based on time, location, and more.


Real-time communication

Having real-time access to your temporary workforce through text messages and emails is essential. Often Job Scheduling Software will offer mobile apps that ensure everyone receives timely notifications about announcements, updates, or changes.


Automatically assign shifts

Human resource allocation can be time-consuming and exhausting. The implementation of AI in Human Resource Scheduling Software means it does the hard work for you. Using a given criteria, the AI can assemble a list of temps and automatically schedule or re-schedule them to the job that's perfect for them.


Shift swapping

Temps can easily trade shifts or pick up available shifts. This is beneficial because agents can prevent double-booking one temp to a specific shift and stay compliant with a company’s overtime rules, avoiding unplanned overtime costs.



A Staff Scheduling Software can integrate with invoicing and expense systems to automatically generate invoices when the job is finished. Now, after all that hard work, you'll never again forget the most important part—getting paid.

Conflict-free Staff Scheduling with Zoho Workerly

A complete view of all your temps, clients, and jobs in one place

Getting stuck with endless spreadsheets, manual data entry, or tracking physical paperwork? With Zoho Workerly, maintain a complete overview of all your important stakeholders with a single interface.

complete overview

Advanced search for faster scheduling 

Say goodbye to manual search! Zoho Workerly's smart matching algorithm brings all the matching temps to your scheduling dashboard so you can choose the best option to complete your job within the timeframe.

workerly faster scheduling

Temp Portal

Notify temps about new job or schedule changes with a push notification via temp portal. Further, temps are given an opportunity to accept/reject the assigned job.


Temp Availability

Having temporary staff's unavailability marked well in advance can avoid shift conflicts.

temp portal
complete overview faster scheduling temp portal

Workerly Mobile App

Enable temps to accept jobs, clock-in time with a tap, generate e-timesheets and send them for review- everything from their mobile devices.

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  • Basic pricing starts for 50 temps
  • Unlimited Recruiters
  • Unlimited Jobs
  • 14-Day-Free Trial with Unlimited Temps
  • In-built invoice generation
  • iOS and Android apps for Temporary Staff
  • Interactive Temp Portal
  • Temp Engagement Channels

Local taxes (VAT, GST, etc.) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned.


What is employee scheduling software?

  • Employee scheduling software helps staffing agents plan, create, and manage employee shifts and work schedules. With automation, the system helps you match available employees to open shifts and notify them regarding their schedules. It also alerts you if an employee becomes unavailable before a shift begins so you can easily reschedule or assign someone else. This speeds up the scheduling process and improves productivity by keeping employees and agents on the same page.

Why is Zoho Workerly the best staff scheduling software for temporary employees?

  • Zoho Workerly allows staffing agents to schedule temps for clients quickly and efficiently. Apart from shift scheduling, the system can also automatically generate timesheets and send out invoices. It comes with a dedicated temp portal and mobile app, which enhances communication between temps and agents. For clients with temps clocking in at the same location, it has a portable punch clock feature called Workerly Kiosk.

What is job scheduling software?

  • Job scheduling software is a business application that streamlines the process of scheduling jobs for temps to just a few clicks. A reliable job scheduling solution focuses on matching temps with the most fitting jobs based on their skills, base pay, and availability. It also channels communication between the agent and temp after a job is scheduled.

Temporary Staff Scheduling made simple with Zoho Workerly

Zoho Workerly is a temporary staffing agency scheduling software designed to schedule, track, and communicate with temporary workers.

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