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Empower your temp workers with the Worker App from Zoho Workerly. Allow temps to accept or reject jobs, clock their work hours, create digital timesheets, and mark their unavailability—all from their mobile devices. Data automatically syncs to your Zoho Workerly account, so your temps can work from anywhere.

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Shift details

Temps are notified instantly when scheduled for a shift.


Accept shifts

Temps can Accept/Reject a shift right from their mobile phone.



Marking availability well in advance lets you know which temps are free to cover a shift.


View jobs

All shifts—upcoming, past, or pending— can be accessed from one place.


Real-time check-in/out

Temps can clock work and break hours with just a tap.


Instant timesheets

Generate and submit timesheets in no time.

Invite temps

You can invite temps to log in to the Worker App and their temp portal. A text message will be sent to the temp's registered mobile number with login credentials. Learn more about inviting temps.

inviting temps
inviting temps

Instant updates

Notify temps as soon as you schedule a shift. Clicking on the notification lets temps review job details such as job location, shift time, client, and address. They can then accept/reject with a click.

You can also set shift reminders for your temps from Zoho Workerly.

inviting temps inviting temps

Clock accurate work hours

With the Worker App from Zoho Workerly, temp workers can check-in, check-out, and even clock their break hours with a tap. A digital timer will automatically update the hours they’ve worked after they have clocked out. This ensures accurate time tracking and accurate pay.

Transparent pay

As soon as a temp worker has completed the scheduled shift, their clocked hours will be synced with Zoho Workerly's cloud platform. Timesheets generated are instantly and sent for approval to the agent or client, resulting in faster pay. Temp workers can view all their timesheets by category, so they are always aware of the status of their timesheets.

Assign available temps

It's always helpful to know about a temp's availability well in advance. Stay on top of when your temps are available, and easily assign another temp if necessary. Temps can mark themselves unavailable by simply clicking on +Unavailable from the Worker App.


Temp portal

If a temp can't access their mobile phone, they can access their Workerly profile through the web using Zoho Workerly's dedicated temp portal.

Temps can:

  • Track current, upcoming, and completed shifts
  • Clock work hours and submit timesheets
  • Mark unavailability

Zoho Workerly: fast and hassle-free temp recruitment software

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You can sign up for Zoho Workerly using your work email address. When you sign up, we'll offer you a 14-day free trial. During these uncertain times, we are happy to help you transition to remote temp scheduling and assist you in every possible way. Stay safe and feel free to reach out to us at