Common Errors

The 200 series

Status CodeError CodeMessageDescription
200OK--The API request is successful.
201Createdrecord addedRequest fulfilled for record insertion.
202Acceptedrecord added (for successful insertions), error message for unsuccessful insertionsRequest fulfilled for multiple records insertion.
204No Content--There is no content available for the request.

The 300 series

Status CodeError CodeMessageDescription
304Not Modified--The requested resource has not been modified after the time mentioned in the "If-Modified-Since" header in a GET API

The 400 series

Status CodeError CodeMessageDescription
400BAD REQUESTThe request or the authentication considered is invalid.
400INVALID_DATAThe ID given is invalid.
401AUTHORIZATION ERRORInvalid API key provided.
403FORBIDDENNo permission to do the operation.
404NOT FOUNDInvalid request.
405METHOD NOT ALLOWEDThe specified method is not allowed.
413REQUEST ENTITY TOO LARGEThe server did not accept the request while uploading a file, since the limited file size has exceeded.
415UNSUPPORTED MEDIA TYPEThe server did not accept the request while uploading a file, since the media/ file type is not supported.
429TOO MANY REQUESTSNumber of API requests for the 24 hour period is exceeded or the concurrency limit of the user for the app is exceeded.
500INTERNAL SERVER ERRORGeneric error that is encountered due to an unexpected server error.