Work together

There’s a new way to collaborate. Share instantly instead of sending threaded emails and copies of documents. Make your documents available immediately to your team by adding them to a Team Folder.

Get your team

Bring all of your team members and files under one roof. Get a holistic view of what's happening in all the teams and discussions you've joined.

Get your team together
Get your team together
  • Start when you’re ready

    Great ideas start as a seed. Begin by drafting your ideas using the Zoho Office Suite and then make them available to your team members to view and edit.

  • Room to spread out

    Keep all your team files in one place, organized under Team Folders for each project. Start with a team storage of 1 TB, and expand as your files grow.

  • Organize your files

    Find your files easily. Arrange them in folders and sub-folders within each Team Folder. Locate any file in the system, with the file name, keywords, location, or file type.

  • See what’s changed

    Focus on your work instead of checking for updates in your files. Stay up to date on all the changes at both the Team Folder and the team level.

  • Roles with

    Every team member has a role to play. Bring in each person with the right access permissions for their role in the Team Folder.

  • Own your space

    Get complete control as an admin. Create/delete team folders, add/remove members, modify content, view access stats and more.

  • Mind the gate

    Moderate team activities as an organizer. Add/remove members, modify/organize files, and view team activities.

  • Involve more minds

    Contribute ideas to your team as an editor. Add files, modify content, add comments, and view file activities.

  • Keep everyone informed

    View your team’s work as a viewer. Include all your stakeholders. A viewer can view or comment on files.

  • Pull it all together

    Understand everyone’s opinion. Role-based permissions allow the team to review your work without losing your original content.

Get your team together
Roles with responsibilities Roles with responsibilities

Manage your

Gain control over your Team Folders and improve visibility. As an admin, decide who can join and what activities are allowed within a Team Folder.

Get your team together
Get your team together Get your team together
  • Go public or stay private

    Share as much as you like. Choose whether to make your Team Folder public or private based who can access the folder.

  • Have complete control

    Restrict viewer downloads, disable external file sharing, and choose to convert all files uploaded to the WorkDrive format.

  • Restore files at any time

    Accidentally deleted an important file or want to reconsider a trashed idea? With WorkDrive, you can restore them to their respective folders in a single click.

  • View the details

    Know the who, what, and when of everything happening in your Team Folder. View detailed updates about Team Folder activities.

  • Know who shared what and with whom

    Data administration is a collective process and everybody has a role to play. Admins and Organizers can filter, view, share, and manage all shared items in a Team Folder from a single place.

  • Experience a
    better interface

    Get a detailed view of Team Folders that you are a part of, Team Folders you’ve pinned, and those you can join.

  • Pin a Team Folder

    Accessing the right data at the right time is crucial for any business. Locate important Team Folders faster by pinning them to the top of your Team Folders list.

  • Team Folders at your fingertips

    Determine which Team Folders should be displayed on the left panel. Choose to display all Team Folders, only pinned Team Folders, or none.

  • Replicate your Team

    Want to share the same set of documents with different members or groups? Copy any Team Folder so you can share and collaborate with multiple teams.

  • New ways to classify
    Team Folders

    Is your WorkDrive account integrated with Zoho Projects or Zoho Marketing Plus? Then, this update is for you! Make it easy to access the right files at the right time by listing your Projects and Marketing Plus Team Folders on the left panel of your WorkDrive account.

Get your team together
Experience a better interface Experience a better interface

Create a virtual workspace for
your team