Small and Medium Businesses

Zoho WorkDrive offers a secure and collaborative workspace for your business. Streamline information flow for more effective decision making.

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Break silos and work as a team

Include all your team members on projects to ensure strong synchronization and minimal process delay. Use Zoho WorkDrive to create and collaborate under one umbrella.

A place for every team

Every team needs a place to store their files and discussions. With Team Folders, bring the members of your team and their work together, and enable seamless collaboration.

Save time and work smarter

Put your team on the job instantly, and pool your ideas instead of sharing files with each member individually.

Enable process transparency

Using public Team Folders, make company-wide announcements and ensure that the information is available to everyone. Share files externally to keep external stakeholders (like vendors and suppliers) in the loop, too.

Many hands make work easy

Entrust your work responsibilities to your team members and reduce the load on your IT administrator. Help your team do more by delegating responsibilities.

Administrate from the bottom up

Did you accidentally delete a document? Don't worry about bothering your Team Admin every time. Delegate control at different levels by making your team leaders the admins of their respective Team Folders.

Responsibilities that count

Give your team members access to the files in a Team Folder based on their roles in that team. Choose from a range of member roles such as admin, organizer, editor, and viewer.

Work togetheracross the globe

Move your business globally and still function as efficiently as working from one location. With Zoho WorkDrive, stay up to date on all your projects even when not physically present.

Stay synchronized

Work in the office or at a client's location. Keep all the latest versions of documents with you, in your laptop or mobile phone, and access them wherever you go.

Carry your workspace with you

Keep all your files in hand. With the Zoho WorkDrive mobile apps for Android and iOS, you can now view, edit, and share work right from your phone.

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