Seamless File Syncing with Zoho WorkDrive

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With WorkDrive, your files are always in sync

Work from any of your organization's devices, and WorkDrive will immediately sync your changes across all devices. Files and folders added to your Team folders can be accessed across any device using WorkDrive's Desktop Sync app and mobile applications.


No Internet? No worries. Work Offline

Work offline wherever you want, and WorkDrive will automatically sync any changes made to your files and folders to your cloud data when your device is back online.


Sync only what you want

Selective Sync allows you to sync only the required files to your desktop, rather than doing a complete synchronization, saving you time and storage space.


Sync your files securely

Files added to Zoho Servers are automatically scanned for harmful viruses and secured against the most complex electronic attacks.

Desktop App features

  • View recent files

    See all files recently added to your desktop, listed in the synced order, in your Recent Files tab.

    recent files
  • Set up sync speed

    Customize the speed of your uploads and downloads to low, medium, or high.

    sync speed
  • Pause and resume sync

    Our Desktop app's Pausing and Resuming Sync option gives you additional control over how your data syncs from your desktop to cloud, and vice versa.

    pause and resume sync
  • Move your sync folder

    Relocate your WorkDrive folder to wherever you want in your desktop for easy access.

    move sync folder
recent filesset up sync speedpause and resume sync inpersonmove sync folder
  • "WorkDrive's desktop sync is very helpful, as it means our staff and volunteers do not need to learn an unfamiliar IT ecosystem. I also really appreciate the search function in the browser version, which is fantastic at digging up old files. "

    laura skillen

    Laura Skillen

    Executive Director of External Relations - IMI

  • "The features I love the most with Zoho WorkDrive: The ability to keep things separate at the root-folder level (set it and forget it). The Mac sync utility. The huge amount of storage space."

    bob sullivan

    Bob Sullivan

    Vector Solutions

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