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Billed Annually /user/month /user/month /user/month
Billed Monthly /user /user /user
StorageStarts at 1 TB/TeamStarts at 3 TB/teamStarts at 5 TB/team
Additional storageAfter 10 users, get additional shared storage of 100 GB/new user.After 10 users, get additional shared storage of 300 GB/new user.After 10 users, get additional shared storage of 500 GB/new user.
Upload limit per file10 GB50 GB250 GB
Internal Collaboration
A secure hub for your team to store, share and work together on files. Team FoldersyesYesYes
Grant appropriate roles, with varying permission levels, to members of a Team Folder. Granular access controlsYesYesYes
Give specific members of a Team Folder higher access permissions for files or folders within the Team Folder. Sub-folder sharingYesYesYes
Zoho WorkDrive supports preview for 200+ file formats, including images, videos, and developer files. Preview for 200+ file formatsYesYesYes
Preview the contents of a Zip file and easily extract the individual files you need. Zip file preview and extraction--Yes
Find files by name, keyword, or author's name using the search bar. Universal content searchYesYesYes
Lock a file to prevent your teammates from overwriting the changes you make. File lockingYesYesYes
Add comments to team files to share feedback on an ongoing project or to keep your team members informed about the status of different projects. Commenting on filesYesYesYes
Access and revert to any previous version of your files. You can even compare changes between different versions. Unlimited file versioningYesYesYes
Follow important files and folders to stay up to date on all changes made by collaborators. You can choose a preferred notification setting to receive bell notifications, email notifications, or both. Follow updatesYesYesYes
Easily request team users to upload files via collection links to a particular folder. View user submissions and manage their files effortlessly. Collect files - Internal collection-YesYes
Unread Notifications keep you informed of any changes made in a Team Folder you’re part of. Global Notifications let you know every time a file/folder is shared with you, when you’re @mentioned or invited to a Team Folder, and about public Team Folders that are relevant to you. Unread and Global NotificationsYesYesYes
This feature allows users to upload files to a Team Folder via email. Upload files via emailYesYesYes
Zoho Office Suite
Zoho WriterYesYesYes
Zoho SheetYesYesYes
Zoho ShowYesYesYes
WorkDrive SnapA recording feature to help you quickly record your screen, as well as video and audio, from within the WorkDrive app.YesYesYes
NewGenerative AI IntegrationZoho's own Zia AI utilizes OpenAI to help WorkDrive users quickly generate content, images, and more.YesYesYes
NewCode SnippetGenerate code snippets by typing in the programming code or copying and pasting it from an external source. 25+ programming languages supported.YesYesYes
External Collaboration
Create multiple file links to share files with people outside your team, then label them for easy reference. Set different access permissions for each file link and track them all separately. Customizable file linksYesYesYes
Protect externally shared files from unauthorized access by setting passwords and expiration periods. Password-protected links with expiryYesYesYes
Retain control over files shared externally. Decide who gets to view or download them. External file access controlYesYesYes
Easily request external users to upload files via collection links to a particular folder. View user submissions and manage their files effortlessly. Collect files - External collection-YesYes
Add external users to your WorkDrive Team with limited roles and permissions. Separate client user add-on purchase is required.Client users
/client user/month
/client user/year
/client user/month
/client user/year
/client user/month
/client user/year
Data Classification
Labels help you to easily identify and access files and folders across different locations in WorkDrive.LabelsYesYesYes
Create templates for documents and spreadsheets via Zoho Writer and Sheet, respectively. Once you have templates, you can use them to create any number of files.My TemplatesYesYesYes
Create groups based on member roles or profiles and add them to Team Folders.Add Groups to Team FoldersYesYesYes
Share files and folders individually with groups and assign a common access permission to all group members.Share files and folders with GroupsYesYesYes
Mobile access
The Zoho WorkDrive app, for Android and iOS, lets you contribute to your team while on the go. Android and iOS mobile appsYesYesYes
Desktop Apps
Sync all your team files and folders to your desktop while retaining Team Folder roles and access permissions. Desktop syncYesYesYes
Edit files on your desktop and save them in the cloud, or make your edits online and sync them to your desktop or mobile device. Two-way syncYesYesYes
A quick-editing app for desktop that lets you open and edit your WorkDrive files on the web with your default desktop applications. Available for Mac and Windows. WorkDrive GenieYesYesYes
Advanced Analytics and Reporting
A list of all the users who have accessed a file and when they accessed it. File access stats-YesYes
A timeline of all activities performed by users on a particular file. File activity timeline-YesYes
All your team files are encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) at rest. 256-bit AES encryption at restYesYesYes
All your team files are protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS), and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) during transit. TLS, SSL and PFS encryption during transitYesYesYes
Zoho WorkDrive uses Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) for virus screening. Intrusion Detection and Prevention SystemsYesYesYes
Team members can enable two-factor authentication for their accounts. Users are required to enter a six digit verification code sent to their registered mobile number in addition to their account password. Two-factor authenticationYesYesYes
24/5 Phone and 24/7 Email SupportYesYesYes
Admin Controls
Add team members, assign roles, and suspend or remove them from your team. User managementYesYesYes
View connected devices, manage app permissions, and disconnect or wipe and disconnect devices remotely. Device management--Yes
Personalize Zoho WorkDrive by replacing the default logo with your company logo. Add signature text or a disclaimer to notification emails sent to collaborators or preview headers of files shared externally. Custom branding-YesYes
Create a custom domain to access your WorkDrive account. This will help you promote your brand when you share files with your team members and external users. Custom Domain--Yes
Control whether team members can share files to people outside the team. Control external sharingYesYesYes
Data Classification
Create data templates to classify files and folders and organize them by adding custom information or properties as metadata.Data Templates and Custom Fields--Yes
Create templates for documents and spreadsheets via Zoho Writer and Sheet, respectively. Once you have templates, you can use them to create any number of files.Org TemplatesyesyesYes
Data Administration
Transfer ownership of all files in the private folder of team members who leave the organization. Transfer ownership while deleting usersYesYesYes
Transfer ownership of individual files and folders in the private folder of active team members at any time. Transfer ownership of files and folders--Yes
Retain files and folders for up to a certain period (7 to 30 days for Trash in My Folders and Team Folders; 7 to 120 days for Deleted Items in Admin Console), then automatically delete them afterwards. Custom Data RetentionYesYesYes
Find and manage any file ever created by anyone in your team. Full content visibility and management--Yes
Restore files deleted from the trash for a period of 90 days after deletion. File recovery--Yes
Advanced Analytics and Reporting
Get a comprehensive view of everything about your team, like active members, Team Folders, file activities, and more. Admin dashboardYesYesYes
Filter out all team activities you want to monitor and then generate activity reports about them. Generate and export customized activity reports--Yes
Get a timeline of all activities performed in the Team Folder. Filter out activities in the timeline, like uploads, deletions, etc. Team Folder activity timeline-YesYes
Webhooks gives you real-time notifications for file, folder, team folder, and team-based events directly in an external app.NewWebhooks--Yes