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Leave attachments behind, and bring all the files you receive to one common platform. With the WorkDrive add-on for Gmail, save important email attachments to WorkDrive and attach files from WorkDrive—all without ever leaving Gmail.

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  •  Save Gmail storage space and time
  •  Share files securely without worrying about file size
  •  Manage versions and eliminate duplication
  •  Have a single repository for all your files
gmail workdrivegmail workdrivegmail workdrive

Save email attachments to WorkDrive

Don’t let important email attachments get buried deep down your inbox! Download email attachments directly to the WorkDrive folder of your choice. 

Attach WorkDrive files to emails

Stop attaching files to your emails the old-fashioned way. Securely share your WorkDrive files by adding share links anywhere within the body of your email message. Now, that means no more file size limits!

Stay in control of your files

Manage access to your files by setting a view or edit permission to the file and setting an expiration date for the file link. You can also protect externally shared file links with a password.

Streamline your email communication with WorkDrive now!

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