Target Web uses Zoho WorkDrive to streamline information flow across its agencies.

About Target Web

Target Web is a digital communication agency that offers tailor-made web strategies to small businesses and SMEs. With branches in La Rochelle, Paris, and Bordeaux, Target Web helps companies improve their performance by assisting them through every stage of a web project including web design, development, marketing, hosting, corrective or evolutionary maintenance, and digital training.

Challenges they faced

The Target Web team is comprised of professionals with complementary skills spread over various branches. With employees working from remote locations, sharing and collaborating on documents was a challenge. They needed a cloud-based content sharing platform that would streamline information flow across their branches and help them manage their files from a single platform. This way, remote teams could access key information, collaborate efficiently, and stay on the same page.

"We needed to use a cloud solution to share documents with all employees, since we used the Zoho suite, we turned to Workdrive to set up the sharing solution."

- Julien Petitjean, Director, Target Web


How WorkDrive helped

Mr. Julien and his team found WorkDrive versatile, straightforward, and easy to use. Additionally, the team adapted to the platform and started using the tool very quickly. WorkDrive, unlike other file management solutions, revolves around the team. The team is the center of the workplace. That's why we have Team Folders. A team folder is like a virtual bucket or container created for a particular department, purpose or project. Instead of working and sharing files individually, users create a team folder, add team members to it, and assign roles and permissions. Any document dropped in the team folder will automatically be available to everyone associated with it. The Target Web team used WorkDrive's Team Folders to bring their teams and files under a single roof, making collaboration seamless with no loss of data, and assurance that every employee had access to information when needed.

"WorkDrive is very intuitive and all employees started using the solution in just a few weeks!"

- Julien Petitjean


Petitjean also mentioned that the support team was incredibly helpful from migration to the on boarding process, assisting them at every bottleneck they faced.

"Zoho helped us set up the Workdrive solution."

- Julien Petitjean