TalentMark Academy uses Zoho WorkDrive to build a secure digital course library

About TalentMark Academy

TalentMark Academy is an authorized training and certification institute. They are based out of Indore, India and offer end-to-end training and certification courses for students who wish to specialize in Tally, Microsoft Excel, and digital marketing. All their course content is developed by experts keeping in mind the current industrial requirements and market demands. They also have an R&D team that works on providing real business scenarios and case studies to their students.

The challenge 

Previously, TalentMark Academy stored and managed their course materials on their desktops, which meant they were prone to data loss. To avoid this, they moved all their files to Google Drive, which solved their storage issues but did not offer end-to-end security. The team needed an easy file sharing option so that they could distribute course material to a large audience without any security concerns, and Google Drive failed to address this concern. This lead to students downloading course materials they shouldn't have had access to in the first place.

Another challenge the institute faced was the file preview speed. While most of the materials were in video format, they needed to have a quick loading time, which Google Drive failed to offer.  The team tried to host their materials on video streaming platforms like vimeo as well, however those options were not very cost-effective. 

"We needed a solution where we could host our training materials (videos & pdf) easily without having to worry about data security."

Akshat Jindal

- Akshat Jindal, TalentMark

Introducing Zoho WorkDrive 

As they were already using Zoho One, TalentMark Academy decided to use the file management solution included in Zoho One. They moved all their course materials into Zoho WorkDrive and organized them within Team Folders, which offered a shared space for faculty and trainers to manage their course materials in a single place, in any file format. 

WorkDrive supports 160+ file formats, which made it easier for the institute to store and preview their materials. They now can view all their videos without having to worry about load time. 

Akshat Jindal, the CEO of TalentMark Academy, also mentioned how pivotal it is that they no longer have to worry about the security of their training materials. 

"We chose WorkDrive as it turned out to be value for money for us without having to compromising on features. We can organize and manage our training materials from a single place. Set restrictions on who can share files or download them. We no longer worry about the security of our digital assets anymore."

WorkDrive meets industry-specific compliance standards such as SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 to ensure data is always protected. Files in WorkDrive are encrypted at rest with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) generates a unique key for each session to encrypt files during transit as well. 

The team at TalentMark Academy finds WorkDrive's Team Folders quite useful as they can smartly organize their all important documents and team files while ensuring the right member has access to the right data. This improved the overall productivity of all the trainers . 

Akshat and his team also found WorkDrive's external sharing feature to be quite useful. They created external links for their course materials and added them to the institute website. This way, students can have instant access to all training documents and videos whenever they need them. WorkDrive allows them to secure each link with access permissions, passwords, and expiration dates, and even restrict recipients from downloading files. 

With WorkDrive, Akshat and his team have been able to easily set up a digital campus for their students with zero data security concerns. It also helped them build an organized knowledge base where staff members could easily collaborate and contribute, which has centralized communication not internally as well as throughout the campus.  

"Team Folders is a great way to share and streamline knowledge within the organization as well. New employees and trainers can get instant access to the information they need to get work started right away."