Craigburn Capital is more versatile now with WorkDrive

About Craigburn Capital

Craigburn Capital is a Canadian mortgage brokerage firm that offers custom-tailored mortgage plans to their customers. They provide financial services like commercial financing, residential financing, and private lending. Craigburn Capital guides their customers in saving money by simplifying their budgets and stabilizing their outgoing expenses.

Challenges faced

Prior to switching to WorkDrive, the Craigburn Capital team used Dropbox to manage their business files. CEO Pat Sawler said the biggest challenge they faced with Dropbox was "limited storage". It turned out every time they upload a larger file, they experienced difficulties managing their storage capacity.

Also, like any financial firm, Craigburn Capital needed to share files with customers and clients regularly and often on the go. There also were times when they needed to send the same file to different people with different file access capabilities, but found Dropbox's file sharing capabilities didn't quite meet their needs.


How WorkDrive helped

Being a user of Zoho One (our bundle of over 40 business applications) himself, Sawler's choice to try using WorkDrive at Craigburn Capital was obvious. When he learned WorkDrive provides better storage plans for his organization, he immediately decided to switch to WorkDrive from Dropbox.

One notable feature that made the decision easy for Sawler is WorkDrive's secured external file sharing. This feature allows him and his team to create multiple customized links for the same file or folder, set the right access levels for each, and label the links before sending them to different customers. They can view the file's timeline and remove access, even after the link is shared. On top of that, to the Craigburn Capital team's delight, they can set expiry dates to the links, and request users submit relevant data like name, mobile number, and email address to access the shared files.


Zoho WorkDrive features that Craigburn Capital loves the most

One of the features the Craigburn Capital team found convenient is WorkDrive's mobile application. They found its interface to be more user-friendly, as they can make use of almost every WorkDrive's features from the mobile itself. It allows them to work on the go and share their files from anywhere.

They have also found WorkDrive's Desktop Sync to be quite useful. With Desktop Sync, they can opt to sync either the entire Team Folder or only selected files to a desktop they work on. That way, they have access to the files they frequently work on while saving storage space on their devices.

Interested in making the switch yourself? Learn more about what WorkDrive can do for your organization.