Cortem was able to collaborate on data with distributed teams across warehouses and sister company offices

"Zoho WorkDrive helped us to move from the traditional way of file storage and sharing."


Shawn, Managing Director, Cortem Group

About Cortem Group

Cortem Group has more than 50 years of experience in the design and production of explosion-protected products addressed to hazardous areas. The company provides a range of innovative products and customized solutions for both on-shore and off-shore applications.

Challenges faced

Cortem wanted to move away from the traditional methods of file storage and adopt cloud-based storage. This way, users could get access to their business documents from any location and stay in complete control of them.

Before moving to Zoho WorkDrive, Cortem stored all its data on a private NAS (network-attached storage) system, which came with many drawbacks. The company had to use a VPN every time it wanted to access the NAS system. It was looking for a faster, more reliable solution for uploading and accessing files.

Cortem Group


How WorkDrive helped

Cortem opted for Zoho WorkDrive as its file management software solution due to the wide range of cloud-based applications available in one ecosystem, such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Books, which provide numerous opportunities for streamlined data integration.

With Zoho WorkDrive, Cortem was able to collaborate on data with distributed teams across warehouses and sister company offices.

Shawn Phang, Managing director of Cortem Group,and his team found Zoho WorkDrive very easy to set up and use. Unlike with the NAS system they used earlier, there was no configuration required. All Phang had to do was create Team Folders, add his team to WorkDrive, and start working.

WorkDrive also provided a solution to Cortem's data storage needs, as it offered 1 TB of shared storage space. That meant the hassle of adding more hard drives to the company's NAS every time it needed more storage was out of the picture.

Three key areas where WorkDrive has impacted Cortem Group

- Better collaboration

- Quick and secure access to data

- Ease of sharing