Alfafado improves productivity with Zoho WorkDrive

"Zoho WorkDrive allows us to have a single repository for everything we're working on which makes us more organized. In fact, it is more reliable and easier to use than Google Drive for Teams."

Jamie Lupton

Jamie Lupton, Alfafado Ltd.

About Alfafado Ltd.

Alfafado IT Group (Alfafado Ltd.) is an IT Consultancy that owns and operates an online store under the brand name Battery Station. They’re a leading UK supplier in the batteries and chargers space, servicing both retail, B2B, and wholesale customers. Battery Station is currently working on initiatives which include ISO9001 accreditation and on increasing their environmental credentials.


In the consumer electronics industry, profit margins are generally low. In fact, firms with negative earnings often characterize this sector. In such dire circumstances, a company can only overpower its rivals by improving productivity and having a good grasp on its costs. To do this, companies need reduced redundancy, streamlined processes, and effective data management, without making that a cost center.

"As a company, we are very tech orientated, and enjoy looking for ways to increase organization and work better," Lupton said. "Unlike 't-shirt' industries, we have to work to very tight margins and adopt highly streamlined ways of working. Digital asset management is extremely important, and we've tried a few of the well-known cloud storage solutions. Second and minutes on repetitive tasks quickly amount to many hours of the space of the month."


An all-in-one tool to manage all their data at a budget-friendly price

Zoho WorkDrive struck the right chord with Alfafado by giving them a single place to manage all their data, thereby improving collaboration, and reducing bottlenecks and redundancies.

“Zoho Workdrive has provided us with the business and collaboration level features we need, to keep track of all our digital assets and documents,”

Lupton said.


Commenting on the usability aspect of WorkDrive, Lupton said,


“The interface is, in my opinion, superior to that of the main players in this space. It has a very full feature set and is continually being upgraded to include more.”


Our built-in office suite, especially the word processor, Writer, received special praise from Mr. Lupton, noting that,


"The complimentary app Writer, has just launched version 5 and is so highly featured and easy to use, it's next generation in comparison."


Lupton also mentioned that it’s great that Zoho WorkDrive is part of the Zoho One bundle, as it helps them run their business in a single place.

Now, that's how you manage all your data, without going over budget!