The content collaboration platform ​
that accelerates teamwork

Create content and work together in a secure cloud environment. Access and share ​
company knowledge across distributed teams and with external stakeholders.

The content collaboration platform that accelerates teamwork

Content creation made easy

WorkDrive supports 160+ file formats. Upload and preview documents, video clips, audio recordings, images, and more without having to download additional apps. With WorkDrive's built-in office suite, you can draft documents, create presentations, and work on spreadsheets.

  • zoho writer

    Zoho Writer

    An online word processor to create inspiring documents.

  • zoho sheet

    Zoho Sheet

    An online spreadsheet app to organize and analyze data.

  • zoho show

    Zoho Show

    An online presentation editor to share visual stories.

Contextual collaboration

Whether you're working on an RFP document or a sales presentation, hop on and collaborate with your remote colleagues, just as if they were sitting right beside you. Get peer reviews on your slides or add immediate comments to your subordinate's report to make online collaboration more effective.

zoho writer
zoho writer

Smarter sharing and distribution

Involve all the decisions makers in your company by sharing your files across departments. Reduce time to market by publishing your content on your website using WorkDrive's embed option. WorkDrive's external sharing capability helps foster better collaboration by distributing content to customers and channel partners.

Enterprise ready platform

Organize all your unstructured business data and make terabytes of information easily accessible using Data templates. Avoid the wild goose chase: Find any enterprise file in seconds through universal search and filter options. Even better: with WorkDrive's OCR feature, you can even locate image files through meta data.

zoho writer

Experience content mobility

Experience content mobility

Make your collaboration more productive