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Store and preview files of any format

Store and preview over 160 file types. Save time by looking at the files and folders inside a ZIP file before extracting them into your Team folder, or before downloading them to your desktop.

Sync your files from anywhere

Work with your teammates across time zones and devices. Easily upload your files in bulk from any computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) or mobile device (Android and iOS), and with any browser.


Manage your team with unrivaled Admin controls

As a Team admin, you can manage users, transfer file ownership, generate activity report, retrieve deleted files, and do a lot more.


Keep your data safe 

To protect your sensitive information, WorkDrive features enterprise-level data security with ISO/IEC 27001 certification and SOC Type-2 compliance. With WorkDrive, your data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.


Recover your deleted files in a snap

With WorkDrive, your deleted files aren't gone forever. Recover files deleted from Team folders, and in team members' personal folders within 90 days of the file deletion date. Admins can even restore an entire deleted team folder, if needed.

  • “Zoho WorkDrive allows us to have a single repository for everything we're working on which makes us more organized. In fact, it is more reliable and easier to use than Google Drive for Teams.”

    Jamie Lupton,Managing Director, Alfafado Ltd.
  • “It is a big data solution because, by focusing on teams, it goes further to meet our organizational and corporate objectives. It saves a lot of time when people need to change their computer. I recommend it more than Google Drive by far.”

    Esteban Rojas,Project Manager -
  • “Thanks to Zoho WorkDrive, we can now access the files we need in their latest version without having to email back and forth in the middle of the night. It’s particularly well-suited to international organizations—because it’s cloud-based, we can have a central file repository that is not limited by geography. It’s also very important to us that Zoho complies with Safe Harbor and GDPR legislation.”

    Laura Skillen Executive Director of External Relations - IMI

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