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Your two most valuable business assets are people and information. Take the first step towards digital transformation by securely moving your employees and your data to the cloud. Make sure your teams have access to the right information and can leverage it to make better decisions, accelerate innovation, and enhance the customer experience.

Future-proof your business

Move your files to the cloud with Zoho WorkDrive: a reliable, versatile, and collaborative file management solution that suits any team, industry, and business size.

Reduce your operational cost

WorkDrive eliminates infrastructure and server costs while offering scalability and flexibility to your business. Access your files from anywhere and expand your storage as per your requirement. It's that easy!

uture-proof your business Cloud

data privacy and security

All your stored data is hosted in servers located within India. WorkDrive also complies to industry standards and ensures your data is encrypted both at transit and at rest.

Our servers run on a distributed grid architecture, ensuring your files are securely backed up and available to you without delay.

Enable two-factor authentication, closely monitor connected devices, and remote-wipe your business data when a device is lost or stolen.

WorkDrive is GDPR and HIPPA compliant, along with adhering to industry-specific standards such as SOC Type II and ISO 27001.

Storage to accommodate everyone's needs

Store and manage your organization's information in a central location. WorkDrive offers shared storage for your team with no individual limit. Everyone gets the storage they need, and no unused space goes to waste.


Sharing made simple

Communication is multi-dimensional and spans across both internal and external spheres. To facilitate this, WorkDrive offers file sharing and collaboration at multiple levels:


Team Folders to work on projects with specific coworkers or with your usual team members.


Cross-functional and organization-wide sharing to work with internal stakeholders.


Secure external sharing to collaborate with members outside your organization.

Data management, redefined

WorkDrive offers a smarter way to organize, track, and access your company files from any device and constantly stay connected to your work.

Build a structured data repository

Classify and arrange company files in a way that works for you. WorkDrive's advanced search helps you locate any file, including images, using text keywords and image content.

Data management

Built-in content collaboration tools

From inspiration to evaluation, teams can now create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time, without ever leaving WorkDrive.


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Zoho WorkDrive's Partner Program is designed to help you deliver, market, and sell your WorkDrive expertise and services to build a profitable consultancy.

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Uninterrupted access to files

Away from office or have limited access to internet? No problem! WorkDrive's smartphone and desktop apps ensures your files are always within reach.

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