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Create your Own Collaborative Business or Personal Wiki.

Price / Month
Upto 3 Users Free
Upto 10 Users $3 / user
Upto 25 Users $2.5 / user
Upto 50 Users $2 / user
Upto 100 Users $1.5 / user
100 + $1 / user




$ 3 / User / Month
Wikis 1
$ 5 / Wiki / Month
Storage Space 50MB 1GB / User
Pages and Revisions Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Support
ZIP Backup
RSS and Atom feed
Access Controls
Customizable CSS
Custom Domain

Zoho Wiki also offers volume discounts and special pricing for Education Institutes and Non-Profit Organizations. Contact Us

Pricing FAQ

    1. What do I get in Free Edition of Zoho Wiki?

    • Free edition of Zoho Wiki comes with almost the full feature list of a business wiki.
    • Create three workspaces under one wiki. Create as many pages as you want and privately share it with three other users.
    • You have the flexibility to share either the whole wiki, workspace or just the page. So, you get full blown permission and access controls as in a business wiki. SSL Security is guaranteed.
    • You also get 50 MB disk space to store your PDFs, Docs and other files.
    • You can customize your wiki according to your needs. You can also upload your own Custom style sheet (CSS).

    2. When do I get unlimited number of users?

    • There is no restriction to the number of the users in the following cases alone.
    • You can share the wiki/workspace/page to the entire domain. Meaning all the domain users can access the content eg. All employees of Zoho Corp. can access the wiki.
    • You can share the wiki/workspace/page to registered users. In order to avoid spam, you can opt for a condition that says 'only registered users can access this wiki'. eg. All people with Zoho account can access the wiki.
    • You can make your wiki public for everyone to access.

    3. Why should I move to Business Edition of Zoho Wiki?

    • By purchasing the Business Edition of Zoho Wiki,
    • You can collaborate or share your work with more than three people. You can implement a common enterprise wiki across your organization and also share information with third parties like partners, clients etc.
    • You can create multiple workspaces and assign it to different teams. Each team will now, get its own team space and organize their documents, files, information under their workspace. They can set separate permissions to their workspace, design separate customization and more importantly collaboration within the team and across team becomes easy.
    • You get multiple Admin Support.
    • You get the option to have custom domain.

    4. What is custom domain?

    The default domain of the wikis created will be <your-wiki-name> If you want to access Zoho wiki using your own business domain, you can opt for Zoho Wiki Business Edition.

    5. Who are Wiki admins?

    • To manage wiki activities, Wiki Owners can assign few people as Wiki administrators.
    • Wiki administrators have equal rights as that of Wiki Owner [like changing wiki or page permissions] except for creating or deleting wiki, adding new administrators and buying upgrade plans.
    • Wiki administrators can view private pages of that wiki.

    6. Why should I go for multiple Wikis?

    By opting for multiple wikis, you have the flexibility to have different domains.

    7. I need to increase my storage limit. What should I do?

    Right now, you get 1GB space for every user. So, go ahead purchase the additional user.

    8. Do I need to sign an annual contract?

    You are welcome to sign an annual contract if you want (and save a little money on the way), but you are not required to do that. You can remain on a month-by-month plan for however long (or short) you want.

    9. Is my data safe?

    Zoho takes the security of your data and information very seriously. We have taken many different steps to help ensure the safety of your data. This includes physical security practices (like 7x24x365 security, video monitoring, biometric access, bullet-resistant walls), Network Security (encryption, intrusion detection/prevention), People Processes and Redundancy/Business Continuity. You can read more about how we help protect your data in our Zoho Security Practices, Policy and Infrastructure page.

    10. Are you US/EU Safe Harbor Compliant?

    Customers within the European Union ask us about this frequently. Yes, we are US/EU Safe Harbor Compliant.