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  • Yes, Zoho Wiki is an online website creation tool which is hosted and maintained by Zoho. No need for you to worry about domain registrations, maintaining servers / data centers, bandwidth requirements etc.

  • How does it act as an online website creation tool?
  • For creating and running a website, you need the following things
  • Servers
  • Domain Name (for e.g
  • Pages
  • Page creation tools or softwares, page creators ( who knows html very well )
  • Design
  • Maintenance

  • Here we are taking care of everything for you.
  • Servers
  • We are running many servers for you in an IDC (Internet Data Center) based in the USA. We are taking care of hardware / software / bandwidth and maintenance.

  • Domain Name
  • Every user who sign up to zoho wiki will get separate free domain. For example, So, you will get new domain in your name within few minutes. Now go to promote your site by sending or inviting your friends / team members / any group of people.

  • Pages
  • Here pages are key tool for information exchange. We are providing easy solution for new website creators. So,
  • You can create pages online in your site
  • You can edit pages online in your site
  • You can set permission to your pages online. You can set Who can read or Who can Edit or Who can Comment pages.

  • Page creation tools & page creators
  • There's a lot of costly software for creating web pages. And also you pay for page creators who know HTML and CSS. Now you don't need anything when using Zoho Wiki.

  • Design
  • We have provided 5 static designs for your website. If you want, you can just upload your css (style sheet) file to your site and customize the site as per your wish. We will provide more designs in future.

  • Customized Example Sites

  • Maintenance
  • Don't worry, we have experienced persons who maintain all the servers and other data center stuff.

    Now tell me, isn't Zoho Wiki a Website Creation Tool? Just sign up and give it a try or click here to see a live demo. You will get to know how easy it is.

    All the best!!!

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