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 Zoho Wiki Overview

Zoho Wiki is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create your own wiki with its own pages and sub-pages. Its user-friendly interface allows you to draw on your creativity to build a mini website of sorts complete with pictures and multi-media snippets.

Create your very own space on the web with a Zoho Wiki. It’s where you can put down your stories, your ideas, your thoughts and even your images & pictures. It’s where you get to call the shots. It’s where you are the boss. But that’s not all: it responds to the basic human need to connect with others - share your wiki with others, allow them to work on it and enjoy the joys of collaboration.

Zoho Wiki is a great place to create any kind of groups like classrooms, families, sports teams, activity groups, book clubs, travelogue, intranet sites, product help documentation, project management, personal profile, company events and newsletters etc.

For those of you who think you’re treading on unsure territory, allow us to run you through the basics of how to use Zoho Wiki.



 Create New Wiki

  1. Go to your My Home page. Click on New Wiki.
    Click Wiki menu at the top bar, Click New Wiki menu item.
  2. You will get a create new wiki page.
  3. Enter your new wiki URL in the Your Website URL field. The Wiki URL you choose will be part of your Wiki's website address e.g.,
  4. Likewise, give the website title. This will be the full name of your website, displayed at the top of all pages.
  5. Choose between having your Wiki as Public (accessible to all), Private (accessible to you alone)
  6. Select a theme of your choice.
  7. Click on the Create now button & your new Wiki gets created.

 Wiki Permissions

Adding Users to Wiki

Go to Wiki -> Settings -> Permissions

If your wiki is private, click on Actions and change to custom permission. Click on Add User button.

As an authorized wiki owner or administrator you can add

  • Individual users - You can directly add the E-Mail IDs of the users you want to add. Also, you can select the users from the contact list.
  • Domain Users - You can type in your domain mail address using Company domain option. Once the domain address is set, then all users belonging to this domain will automatically have permissions to view your wiki pages.
  • Group Users - You can share your wiki pages to multiple groups. From the group list, select the groups you want to add. You can create your groups from the contact list
  • Zoho Registered Users - All Zoho registered users will have access to the wiki pages. Instead of allowing anonymous guest viewers, this will facilitate valid users to access the pages and leave their comments.
  • Organization Users - This option is available for enterprises that have bought Zoho Business. As part of Zoho Business, wiki access will be provided for all the organization users or for select organization users.
  • Public - Everybody can now access the wiki pages.

Note: Public option will be available only to the paid account. You should upgrade your account to share the wiki with Public users.

Next, you can assign custom permissions when a user gets added to a particular group like

  • Reading
  • Editing
  • Deleting
  • Posting Comments
  • Creating Pages

Set Workspace / Page level permissions

a. Workspace level Permissions

We have options to define workspace permissions at two levels

  • Set Parent Wiki permissions itself as workspace permissions
  • Set Custom permissions for a particular workspace

b. Page level Permissions

We have options to define page permissions at two levels

  • Set Parent Wiki permissions itself as page permissions
  • Set Parent Workspace permissions itself as page permissions
  • Set Custom permissions for a particular page

Content copying

While some of us believe in freeware and the spirit of wiki, where its all about sharing and collaboration, others might want to keep some information private. In which case, you can use the checkbox to indicate your preference with regards to content copying.

Wiki Customizations

Allows you to create a unique identity for your Wiki.  Go to Settings > Customization to customize your wiki

Logo and Title

Change your wiki title as well as introduce your organization logo or a catchy image to get your idea across. In case, you’re the kind who likes to have pictures do the talking, use the check box to show only your logo and not the title.


  1. Click Edit link in top panel, Dialog box will appear.
  2. Select Logo & Title radio button which is selected already by default
  3. Click Browse button in Image File field 
  4. Select logo from your machine
  5. Select Logo Only checkbox if you want
  6. And click Save button.

Customizable Top Bar

Change the top panel as you wish. Give a name/title to your Wiki or have an image. 



  1. Click Edit link in top panel, Dialog box will appear.

  2. Select Customizable Top Bar radio button which is selected already by default

  3. Type your content

  4. And click Save button.

Customizable Footer

Customize your Wiki footer if needed. Have your own copyright message etc here.


  1. Click Edit link in bottom panel, Dialog box will appear.
  2. Type your content
  3. And click Save button.

Style Sheets

This is for techies only. If you know what a style sheet is, then, by all means, go ahead. The rest, don’t bother with this one or get help from someone who knows how to work with CSS files.



 Can i search for text across my wiki pages?

Yes, use the 'Quick Search' box in the side panel for searching.

 How do I add an HTML link to a word or phrase?

Choose the text to be linked and click the 'Insert Web Link' icon (it's a chain link in the second row of the toolbar). Select whether you want to link to another wiki page, an external website, or an e-mail address.

 Will I get notifications when other users make changes in my wiki?

Yes, if you add your wiki to your watch list, you will receive email notifications whenever a wiki is modified. To add a wiki to the watchlist select "Watch this wiki" option from the footer tab.


 Where should i look to know the way my whole wiki is arranged?

Click on the 'Site Map' link next to 'Navigate pages' in the side panel. On the 'Site Map' page, drag-and-drop pages to change their hierarchical structure.

 Can i change my wiki’s look and feel?

We offer numerous customizable themes. Click Settings -> Wiki Themes to change your wiki's look and feel. You can customize the site elements by clicking on Settings - > Customization. Or upload your own CSS (style sheet) for advanced customization.

 How do I add a custom URL for my wiki?

Choose custom domain from settings. Add your own domain and set it as primary. Access your domain provider/service provider's control panel and map the CNAME to your wiki's domain.

 What languages does Zoho Wiki support?

Zoho Wiki supports Unicode, UTF-8 character set. Hence, Zoho Wiki supports any language.


 Can I insert other Zoho apps in a wiki page?

Yes. You can insert Zoho apps and also certain other third party widgets in your wiki page.


 How to setup a private wiki for groups?

Zoho Wiki makes it possible for your wiki to be accessible to only a select group. Choose Permissions under the settings tab and then select 'Groups'. Add members with the 'Add Members' option.

 How many users can be added to a single wiki?

Invite upto three users for a free account. More users? Upgrade your account for as many users as you need.

 How to add admins to my wiki?

Select "Adminstrators" under wiki settings and enter user email addresses to add new admins

How to transfer ownership of a wiki?

To transfer the ownership of your Wiki enter the new owner's email id in the "Wiki Owners" section.


 Is Zoho Wiki free to use?

Yes. It is absolutely free for personal use. Need a bigger plan? Pay just what you need based on your usage. Click here to view wiki pricing.

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