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Zoho Wiki offers collaborative tools to stay competitive, increase productivity and to share knowledge across the board.
You can stay connected with your group / teams scattered across the globe, next building or on the same floor and still effectively work together on the same page.

Energy Management Expert
"The Zoho wiki platform has been incredibly useful to my small business. I have used it for organising an ad-hoc common-interest group, for organising the development of events and publications, and as the basis of a customer-support web site (among other things). Maintaining the wiki-based web site is great because I can edit and extend it from wherever I am (with the aid of collaborators if I want) and it is really easy to split it into public and private sections. My next project will probably be to migrate all my back-office functions onto a private wiki so that I can employ home-based part-time support staff as the business grows."
Vilnis, Energy Management Expert

Wiki Workspaces - Online Group Collaboration


Now, each team or department has it's own workspace within the organization wide wiki. Each workspace can operate as a separate portal, meaning it is easy to give permissions for the team alone, share documents within the team, customize the look and feel etc.

For eg, within the enterprise wiki, there can be separate workspaces for HR, Finance, Marketing, IT teams. Each team can upload and share documents, can customize their own workspace, set fine grained access controls for the team and others too. Likewise, Teachers can create separate workspaces for different classes.

Wiki Workspaces - Online Group Collaboration

As an authorized administrator you can create online workspaces for users to

  • Stay informed on conversations within workspace
  • Encourage people to brainstorm and contribute their ideas
  • Keep users up-to-date on progress through notifications

Comprehensive history trackingTop

Monitoring changes is very simple. Users can easily

  • Create their own watch lists of pages or wikis and view the changes
  • Check for recent comments at a glance
  • Capture the knowledge previously lost in email

Users can also keep track of the changes made and can get a gist of details like

  • Who edited the pages
  • What file versions were attached
  • When it was done
Comments History

Wiki-Comments History


A version log is automatically generated and tracked for every change made to a document.
If a working document gets accidentally deleted then revert back to previous version and easily retrieve the lost data.

Our version system can effectively merge changes that are made by two or more people to a document at the same time.
This is what we literally mean by Put everyone on the same page

Version History

Wiki-Version History

Version Changes

Wiki-Version Changes

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