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Wiki Attach Google Docs
Wiki Add GApps Users
Wiki Google Apps Navigation
Wiki Widgets

Zoho Wiki + Google Apps

  • Google's universal navigation

    Easily access Zoho Wiki  from Google's Universal Navigation.

  • Google Apps Users

    Share your wiki workspaces/pages and collaborate with other Google Apps Users & start collaborating with them

  • Google Docs

    Attach your Files in Google Docs to relevant pages in the wiki and make your information complete.

  • Google Gadgets

    Get your own personalized dashboard with widgets. Make your content interesting by embedding Google Gadgets, YouTube videos & lots more

  • Google Custom Search

    Search your wiki content by using Google custom search widget

  • Google Translate

    Embed Google Translate widget to facilitate translation in multiple languages

  • Google Analytics code

    Get to know, the traffic statistics for your wiki website, by inserting Google Analytics code in the wiki pages.

What You Get in Zoho Wiki

What Our Customers Say

  • The Zoho wiki platform has been incredibly useful to my small business. Maintaining the wiki-based web site is great because I can edit and extend it from wherever I am (with the aid of collaborators if I want) and it is really easy to split it into public and private sections.
    Vilnis, Energy Management Expert ,  
  • Zoho Wiki has been a valuable communication tool that we were able to integrate into our business. We have been able to eliminate printed procedure manuals and employee handbooks resulting in a more nimble and environmentally friendly process for keeping our all of organization's people in alignment with our goals.
    Stu Press, CEO 

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