Introducing Zoho Wiki 2.0

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‘Information is Wealth’ is a saying that we all know of. But the truth is unorganized information is not of much help. For information to be useful and more effective, it becomes all the more important that it is properly organized and made easily searchable. Wikis are increasingly being used for information gathering and storage. And they are being used as a collaboration medium by individual users and also by organizations.

We are happy to announce the release of Zoho Wiki 2.0, whose focus now is on better organization of information (effective content sharing) and building group collaboration. By introducing multiple groups sharing and team workspaces, we have made collaboration much easier and effective.

So, What’s New in Zoho Wiki 2.0?

  • Workspaces
    Organizations can create independent, fully customizable workspaces exclusively for their departments, teams, branches, etc. Workspaces promote sharing and collaboration within the team and also with other groups. They can function as separate wikis, complete with own administrative controls, security setup and full customization option. For eg., An IT Company can have team spaces for different projects, for HR, for marketing, for sales, etc. Within a school wiki,  teachers can create individual workspaces for each class.

  • Enterprise Level Wiki Permissions
    Wikis can have multiple group permissions for better access controls and thereby ensure fine grained security. A project wiki can be assigned to a particular team and can be shared with other team members and also with clients across the globe. You can clearly define as to who has edit permissions and who has view permissions.

  • Zoho Business Support
    Organizations that have bought Zoho Business can now seamlessly integrate Zoho Wiki for better content sharing and collaboration between their employees. Each Zoho Business account gets a free Zoho Wiki with 3 workspaces and 3 users.
  • Improved Wiki Home Page
    Your wiki home page is better organized now. Your wikis are classified as organizational, your own and those you are subscribed to. And you can mark your favorite wikis, workspaces and individual wiki pages too.

  • Enhancements in File Cabinet
    From within Zoho Wiki itself,  you can now create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Also, you can upload documents stored in Google Docs.

The embedded Zoho Show slide show below brings out the salient points in Zoho Wiki 2.0.

Pricing and Availability
Zoho Wiki has now moved to a user-based licensing model. Our free version comes with a single wiki with 3 workspaces and 3 users. Each additional user costs $8 per month and each additional wiki costs $5 per month. Existing Zoho Wiki customers will not be affected by the new pricing structure. Our pricing plans are here.

Zoho Wiki 2.0 is available now at Try out our new version and let us know the feedback.

Zoho Wiki: Introducing Trial Version, Export/Import and Newer Themes

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New Trial Version
If you are a Zoho Wiki user subscribed to the free plan, you can now test drive the more feature-rich Basic plan for free. All you have to do is log on to your Zoho Wiki account and click on Help -> Pricing at the top-right.

You’ll be taken to the pricing page with the prominent ‘Let me try the 1 month trial version of Basic plan’ at the top.

We are offering this one month free trial of the $12 Basic plan without you furnishing details of your credit card. And taking this trial plan will allow you to test the Custom Domain feature. That is, allow you map your domain to your Zoho wiki. And of course you have other options like creating 5 wikis and having 250 MB of attachment space.

Export/Import Wiki
Click on Wiki -> Settings and you will see the Export/Import option.

The export option allows you to take all your wiki contents (including embedded images, file attachments and comments) as a zip file whenever you need. And you can import the contents back (say copying it all to another Zoho Wiki) if need be. Going forward, we would be giving import function from other Wikis.

Newer Themes
In the menu Wiki -> Settings -> Wiki Themes, you have a variety of readymade themes to choose from. Recently added to the mix are two new themes in the Nature category – Green Valley and Penguins. The specialty of these two themes is that they are of fixed width (960px).

Give Zoho Wiki a try.

Zoho Wiki Update: Tag Cloud and New Widgets

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Let’s see the niceties that the latest Zoho Wiki update has brought in.

Tag Cloud
Tagging of pages is there in Zoho Wiki for quite a long time now. But having all tags as a tag cloud has been the missing part. This has now been included. Under Wiki -> Settings -> Customization, you will find the tag cloud as one of the side panel elements.

You can click on a tag or search by tag and get all the pages matching that tag listed.


New Widgets
Zoho Wiki allows embedding of quite a few widgets. New ones for and W3Counter have been added. The tag cloud described above can be added as an embeddable widget in a page, and there is a widget for breadcrumbs too.

Other Usability Improvements
The drop-down menus at the top-right have now been improved. Sub-menus under Wiki -> Settings and My Menu -> My Settings have been added.


Hope you like the new changes in Zoho Wiki.

Zoho Wiki Update : Auto Backup, LaTeX Equation Editor, Bulk Page Operations & more

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Wiki has been offering a zipped backup option of all your wiki pages
for quite sometime now. And this got better with this update. You now
have the option to set an automatically scheduled backup everyday. Click on the Settings link and you’ll find the URL in the BackUp section.

Zoho Wiki Auto Backup

need to copy the URL marked in the image and add it to your ‘Scheduled Tasks’ in Windows or run it as a cronjob in Linux. Your wiki pages will
be backed up regularly at the said time (11 pm to 12 am PST) everyday.

equation editor and LaTex format support that’s been present in Zoho Writer is now available in Zoho Wiki too. Students and educators will
make the best use of this feature, we believe.

LaTeX Equation Editor

The last Zoho Wiki update introduced bulk comment delete. You can now do bulk page operations too. Like deleting, giving permission & copying of multiple pages.

Page Bulk Operations

Wiki supports re-branding of logos & re-directing to custom URLs. And a customer asked us for
changing the browser favicon from the default Zoho Wiki’s. This is now
possible too. Click on Settings -> Customization tab and you can upload your own favicon. [Note : This feature is available for premium Zoho Wiki users only, as of now]

Custom Favicon

We hope you will like these new
features in Zoho Wiki. Give them a try and as always, we are eager to hear your feedback. Leave your comments here or email us @
feedback at zohowiki dot com.

Zoho Wiki : Option to let search engine bots crawl your wiki

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We brought in more control over whether you want your wiki pages to be crawled by search engines. Click on Settings -> Robots and you can specify your robots.txt configuration options here.

By default, your public wiki pages will *not* be crawled by search engines. You will have to change the Disallow: /* to Allow: /* for making search engine bots visit your Zoho Wiki. You can become a little more imaginative here and specify which pages need to be crawled and which ones not to be crawled. Refer to this help page for more info about the robots file configuration.

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Improved Customizable Options in Zoho Wiki

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Customizing your Zoho Wiki has now become a bit easier. Let’s see what the improved version of the Customization tab under Settings offers.

1. You can Enable or Disable the Bottom Panel
2. In addition to specifying whether you want the Side Panel to the right or the left, there’s a newly added option to not have it displayed
3. The modules or elements in the Side Panel can now be drag and dropped in any order you like. And you can add your own elements using the Add element -> Custom Page Box option. Say, a gapingvoid widget or a RSS feed.
4. The Top and Bottom panels can be customized to have your own logo, heading, footer etc.
5. And the option to specify your own CSS is retained

This is just the first round of changes as regards wiki customization. More to come. If you want any specific customization options or features in Zoho Wiki, do please leave your comments.

Use Zoho Wiki as your Business Portal

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In the last post about Zoho Wiki, we saw how Zoho Wiki can act both as a help authoring tool and to host the help documentation. Zoho Wiki can be used to host business portals also. We will see a couple of examples below.

ManageEngine is the flagship brand of AdventNet. And ManageEngine has a separate portal for its partners, called ManageEngine Partner Zone. This portal is hosted on Zoho Wiki.

As you can see, the web site’s look and feel is completely customized. And some of the pages there require authentication to view. Thanks to the fine-grained access control provided by Zoho Wiki, you can have a web site where some pages are visible to all visitors of your site (in ManageEngine’s case, visitors who are interested in becoming partners) and other pages are made accessible to a defined set of people (to those who end up becoming ManageEngine’s partners).

The Zoho Alliance Partner Portal (ZAPP) isĀ on Zoho Wiki too (requires login for viewing).

Other than the above partner portals, ManageEngine’s MSP Center Plus documentation is also a wiki.

How are you using Zoho Wiki?