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Zoho Wiki Update : Auto Backup, LaTeX Equation Editor, Bulk Page Operations & more

Zoho Wiki has been offering a zipped backup option of all your wiki pages for quite sometime now. And this got better with this update....

General , Zoho Wiki 1 min read

Zoho Wiki : Option to let search engine bots crawl your wiki

We brought in more control over whether you want your wiki pages to be crawled by search engines. Click on Settings -> Robots and you...

General , Zoho Wiki 1 min read

Improved Customizable Options in Zoho Wiki

Customizing your Zoho Wiki has now become a bit easier. Let’s see what the improved version of the Customization tab under Settings offers. 1. You...

General , Zoho Wiki 1 min read

Use Zoho Wiki as your Business Portal

In the last post about Zoho Wiki, we saw how Zoho Wiki can act both as a help authoring tool and to host the help...

General , Zoho Wiki 1 min read

10 Reasons Why Zoho Wiki should be your Help Authoring Tool

At AdventNet, our parent company, we offer a host of tools for the enterprise ranging from network management to help desk to log analyzers. We...

General , Zoho Wiki 4 min read

Live Olympics 2008 Dashboard – Powered by Zoho Reports

Olympic fever has gripped many of us. This edition could provide a much closer finish at the top of the table with China and USA...

General , Zoho Reports , Zoho Wiki 1 min read

Zoho Wiki : Watch Wikis and Wiki Pages

You have created a couple of Zoho wikis and have shared it with your team or made it public. Now you would like to be...

General , Zoho Wiki 1 min read

Export/Backup Options in Zoho

We get this question quite often – Does Zoho offer a backup function which will let me download all my data? We have various options...

General , Zoho Creator , Zoho CRM , Zoho Invoice , Zoho Notebook , Zoho Projects , Zoho Reports , Zoho Sheet , Zoho Show , Zoho Wiki , Zoho Writer 1 min read

Recent blog posts mentioning Zoho

Curtis Partridge at Small Business Tech blog in a post titled ‘Zoho Portfolio Continue to Grow‘ says, One company that has been quietly building a...

Zoho CRM , Zoho Invoice , Zoho Projects , Zoho Sheet , Zoho Wiki 2 min read

Zoho Wiki : Improved Free Plan, Domain Level Permissions etc

Zoho Wiki’s latest update added the below goodies : Free plan improved Number of wikis per free account increased from 1 to 2 File attachment...

General , Zoho Wiki 1 min read