Show question to all


The Show question to all feature allows the webinar organizers to let attendees view both unanswered and answered questions. 



Import webinar registrants with a CSV


Streamline your webinar registration process by uploading a CSV file containing attendee names and emails. You can effortlessly import your webinar registrations, saving time and simplifying the process. To import registrations, navigate to the registrations tab of the scheduled webinar and click Import CSV on the top right corner.


Project Question

New Feature

You can now project a question in Zoho Webinar and ensure that everyone in your webinar will view that particular question in a more prominent way on their screens. We hope this will help in improving the Q&A experience in your webinar. Learn more


Chat feature between the organizers and co-organizers

New Feature
1 Feature, 2 Enhancements
  • Chat between Organizer and Co-organizers
    Webinar organizers and co-organizers can now instantly chat during the webinar. This includes file sharing during webinars, replying to a message, editing a message, sending emojis, and adding reactions.
  • New fields in registration form
    We've added a new "Terms and Conditions" field, and a checkbox option in customize your registration forms to gather useful information about your leads.
  • Extend recurring webinar
    You can also extend your recurring webinar after the scheduled period now! This helps you to extend the time span of your recurring webinar from your webinar details page. 


Webinar with 5,000 attendees


Engage 5,000 attendees in a single event. Zoho Webinar helps you connect with large audiences and elevate your webinar strategy to new heights.


Answer live option


Zoho Webinar now features an Answer Live option, allowing users to verbally respond to questions and mark them as answered. This feature enhances the interactive nature of webinars by allowing participants to engage in real-time conversations and address queries directly.


Multilingual User Interface Support:


Break language barriers in your webinars. Now, you can change your user interface language to Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, or Telugu.

Broadcast webinar


You can now instantly broadcast your webinars with the new broadcast webinar feature, and easily edit default titles.