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Use Zoho Webinar's detailed analytical reports on registrations, attendee engagement, polls, and Q&As to get valuable insights that can contribute to the success and improvement of future webinars. Download and document your data in XLS and CSV formats.

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 Webinar Analytics, Engagement, and Insights

Why use Zoho Webinar's detailed analytics?

Audience engagement

Understanding audience engagement can help organizers tailor their content and presentation style to better connect with the audience. Webinar event analytics help organizers understand how engaged the attendee was during the webinar. Key metrics such as attendance, time spent, and interaction levels with polls and Q&A sessions offer valuable insights into the audience's engagement level.

Content effectiveness

By analyzing which parts of the webinar received the most attention or generated the most interaction, organizers can gauge the effectiveness of their content. The advanced analytics offered by Zoho Webinar helps you improve future presentations to align more effectively with the preferences and interests of the audience.

Attendance tracking

Zoho Webinar provides analytics to track attendance numbers, including the number of registrants, the number of attendees, and drop-off rates. This information can help organizers assess the effectiveness of their promotion and registration strategies.

Trend analysis

Over time, organizers can use webinar reports to identify trends and patterns in their webinar performance. This information can help refine their webinar strategy and content to improve future events.

Polls and feedback

Analytics can include data from your live webinar polls and feedback, providing valuable insights into attendee satisfaction and areas for improvement.

Export reports with ease

Webinar event analytics allows you to download attendee engagement reports as an XLS or CSV file with just the click of a button. Our robust security and privacy practices hide key user details and password-protect exported files.

An enhanced analytics dashboard for everyone.

The Zoho Webinar dashboard provides a user-friendly interface and a wealth of data-driven insights that can be crucial for optimizing future webinars and making informed decisions.

Session count

Session count

View the exact count of the total number of sessions, the average number of sessions held per day, and the total duration of the sessions held within a chosen period. You will also find the number of attendees who joined each webinar in an extensive attendee engagement report under this tab.

Session duration

Get insights into the total session duration, average duration per session, and the total number of sessions conducted during the chosen period. Admins can monitor the session count and session duration of the entire organization, including all departments.

Session duration
Session history

Session history

Get a comprehensive list of all of the sessions conducted during a chosen period. You can filter sessions based on specific organizers for improved insights.

Key webinar metrics to track and analyze

Tracking and analyzing key webinar metrics is essential to measure the success and effectiveness of your webinars.

Key webinar metrics to track and analyze
  • Registration Rate

    The number of people who sign up for your webinar. This metric indicates the initial interest in your webinar topic and can help estimate the potential reach of your webinar.

  • Attendance Rate

    The percentage of registrants who actually attend the live webinar. This metric reflects the effectiveness of your promotion and the attractiveness of your topic.

  • Engagement Metrics

    Questions and Answers: The number of questions asked by attendees during the live webinar. Questions can show engagement and curiosity about your webinar content.

    Poll Responses: The number of attendees who responded to the polls launched during the webinar. Polls can gauge audience opinions and involvement.

  • Benchmarking

    Zoho Webinar helps you compare webinar metrics with your own historical data to assess performance and identify areas for improvement.

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"Zoho Webinar completely transformed our online training program. The user-friendly platform and global reach helped us overcome challenges and create a seamless learning experience for participants worldwide."

Frequently Asked Questions

What are webinar analytics?

Webinar analytics helps organizers and presenters understand how well their webinars are performing and whether they are achieving their goals. Once your webinar is over, you can learn how effective it was using detailed analytical reports on registrations, attendee engagement, polls, and Q&A. Learn more

Why is it essential to track webinar analytics?

Zoho Webinar helps you track webinar analytics to derive insights and understand the overall performance of the webinar. Use the insights from your evaluation to refine your webinar strategy. Identify what worked well and what needs improvement, and implement changes accordingly for future webinars.

What are the benefits of webinar analytics?

Webinar analytics will provide insights into the effectiveness of your webinars and guide your efforts to optimize future events. It contains details such as names, email addresses of your registrants and attendees, status of participation, the time at which they joined, and how long they spent in the webinar, and more.

Conduct effective webinars with Zoho Webinar's Analytics.

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