Security, privacy, and compliance in Zoho Webinar

With organizations worldwide transitioning to remote work, the importance of safety and privacy in online apps is in the spotlight. At Zoho, security remains the cornerstone of our app development. We are steadfast in our commitment to safeguarding your privacy and data whenever you use our apps.

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Conduct secure online webinars with Zoho Webinar

Allow/disallow registration

Zoho Webinar, serving as a fundamental security feature, requires users to enable or disable attendee registration. Zoho ensures a controlled environment, allowing hosts to track attendee participation, customize presentations more efficiently, and mitigate unauthorized access and potential security risks.

Recording link access and disabling video while recording

We allow users to personalize access levels for shared recordings and control video visibility in the recorded sessions. This feature allows users to showcase video content during webinars while maintaining the flexibility to activate or deactivate it in the recorded material, providing a versatile and customizable setting.

Right to erasure

We offer users the right to erasure, allowing you to delete all personal user data held by your organization, such as names, email addresses, and usage reports. Once anonymized, this data cannot be recovered, which ensures compliance with privacy regulations and safeguards user information effectively.

Automatically anonymize personal data

Enable the Automatically Anonymize Personal Data setting to guarantee consistent anonymization of sensitive details, including email addresses, user names, IP addresses, and webinar registration information within Zoho Webinar. This feature ensures compliance with privacy regulations and shields user data from unauthorized access. You retain complete control over this functionality, with the freedom to enable or disable it according to your organization's needs and preferences.

Consent for sharing audio and video

Your privacy is our top priority, and we grant you complete control over your audio and video sharing options throughout your webinar journey. You have the flexibility to enable or disable your audio and video feed before joining a webinar or at any moment during the session. Zoho Webinar prioritizes your control by requesting your explicit permission for attendees to engage in various ways, including communicating solely through audio, using both audio and video, sharing their screen, and posting questions and answers.

Action logger

The Action Log Viewer in Zoho Webinar supports privacy by allowing organizations to monitor and audit actions for enhanced security. By generating logs for specific periods using filters like users, levels, and categories, it ensures detailed tracking and accountability. This targeted logging helps maintain user privacy while providing necessary oversight.

Security measures

Two-factor authentication

You can enable two-factor authentication (TFA) for your Zoho account, which adds an extra layer of security. With TFA, logging into your Zoho Webinar account requires authentication through another device you own, giving you better protection against unauthorized access.


Encryption changes data using a special code to make it unreadable until it reaches the person it's meant for. Zoho Webinar uses DTLS-SRTP encryption for audio and video, along with other security measures like TLS protocol version 1.2 and SHA 256 certificates. We also use Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) and HTTPS Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to keep your information safe. Read more about encryption at Zoho.

Privacy policy

Zoho never sells or discloses your information to unauthorized third parties, and we never will. We will never track your data or sell it to third parties for commercial purposes, like showing ads you might be interested in. This has been our approach for almost 26 years, and we remain committed to it. Read more about Zoho's privacy policy.

Data center security

Our data centers are protected against natural disasters and only accessible to authorized people using two-factor and biometric authentication. We also have CCTV cameras to monitor who comes in and out, following local rules. Learn more about how we keep your data safe at Zoho.