Reset All Sharing

Reset Sharing

Consider a situation where Peter shares a password with Steve. Steve in turn shares the password with Joe and Joe shares it with many people. Now, Peter wishes to stop everyone from accessing his password. So, he removes all access privileges for Steve. But then, the people who Steve had shared with (Joe and others) still have access to the password.

To assist in such cases, Zoho Vault helps you remove all share permissions to a password through the 'Reset all sharing' feature. This is a one-stop option to reset all sharing privileges made for any secret. You can exercise this option only when you are the owner of the secret or if the secret has been shared to you with 'Manage Permission'.

To reset sharing -

  1. Navigate to 'Secrets' tab. Click 'All Secrets'.
  2. Select the secret(s) whose share permissions are to be reset
  3. Click 'More Actions'. Choose 'Reset All Sharing' from the dropdown.
  4. You will get a confirmation dialog box. Click 'OK' to initiate the process.

Once sharing is reset, users other than the owner can no longer access the secret. This feature removes secrets from their chambers also. The 'Reset All Sharing' option is audited and is reflected in the audit trails.

Reset All

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