Password Assessment Report

Password Assessment Report

(Available in all editions)

Zoho Vault provides a powerful assessment mechanism to quickly scan all the passwords owned by you - enterprise and personal types - and show you the number of weak passwords and average password strength of all your accounts in a single click. You can also change the passwords marked as 'weak' and replace them with strong and unique passwords either manually or automatically using the 'Change Password' option.

Why you should generate this report?

  • To find the list of weak passwords used by you.
  • Change weak passwords either manually or automatically.
  • Improve your overall online security with strong passwords.
  • Protect your online accounts from hackers.

How it works?

All passwords - enterprise and personal types - owned by you are assessed based on various pre-defined criteria. Passwords found to be scoring low on assessment are labeled as 'weak' and you can replace them with strong, unique passwords thereby improving security. This report is not saved in Zoho Vault. You should click the Generate Report button whenever you want to assess the strength of passwords.

The assessment mechanism will assess all your passwords based on the following set of pre-defined criteria:

  • Complexity inadequate - Passwords that contain repetition of letters, consecutive letters, without mixed case, numbers and special characters.
  • Part of Username - If passwords contain full/part of the username.
  • Recycled Passwords - Recycling the passwords that have been used in the past.
  • Reused Passwords - Same password used at multiple places (more than one website / application)
  • Unchanged Passwords - Passwords that remain unchanged for more than 30 days
  • Past Expiration - Password exceeds age threshold defined.
  • Dictionary Words - Password containing dictionary words

Note: In a team environment, admins can view the password assessment report results of all users i.e., the number of weak passwords used by all users using the Security Analysis Report.

Steps to run the password assessment

  • Click the Password Assessment Report tab from the top menu bar.
  • In the page that opens, click theGenerate Report button to find the list of weak passwords and view the average password strength of all your accounts.
  • The assessment mechanism will assess all your passwords based on a set of pre-defined criteria and the assessment result will also be categorized based on it. You can click each category to view the weak passwords listed under them.

How to change the weak passwords?

There are two ways in which users can change their weak passwords:

  • Change Passwords Automatically - Use the Change Password icon displayed in the Actions field. By this way, Zoho Vault will automatically generate a new password based on the default password policy enforced within the organization and will update it both in Zoho Vault and on the website. However, this option is supported only for a limited number of websites at present.
  • Change Password Manually - Generate a strong password with the help of Zoho Vault password generator and manually update it both in Zoho Vault and at the application's point.

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