Share with Outsider

Share with Outsider

(Available in Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions)

You can share secrets with outsiders (temporary users like contractors, third-party workers, etc) who do not have an account in Zoho Vault. To do this, provide the outsider's email address in the web interface. The secret that is to be shared will be encrypted with a new encryption key, and a link will be sent to the outsider via email. The encryption key will also be displayed in the web interface. This key has to be shared separately with the outsider. The secrets shared this way will remain active for thirty minutes, after which it will be automatically deleted.

How to share secrets with outsiders:

  1. Navigate to All Secrets -> Click Share button under Actions -> Share with Outsiders. 
  2. Enter the email address of the outsider.
  3. Click Share.

An Encryption Key window will pop up. Note down the encryption key displayed in the pop-up window and share this encryption key separately with the outsider. The outsider will not be able to view the password without entering the correct encryption key.

Important Note: The secrets shared to outsiders are encrypted with a new encryption key. The outsiders will receive a link via email. You should separately share the unique encryption key displayed in the web-interface with the outsider for successful sharing of passwords.

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