Set stronger passwords

Generate strong, unique passwords for your logins using Zoho Vault's password generator. Define your own password policy and generate strong passwords as needed.

Store anything you want

Customize and add new fields to a secret to suit your requirements. Zoho Vault allows you to add as many custom fields as you want. You can even choose the type of the custom field - textual entries or password-type entries, and attachment files. If you choose password-type, the entries you make will be shown as hidden by default to offer protection against shoulder-surfing.

Locate your passwords with ease

To facilitate quick and easy access to secrets and other records, Zoho Vault provides search and sorting facilities in all table views.

Access passwords even when you are offline

Get the convenience of accessing your secrets even when you are offline. Passwords can be downloaded in encrypted HTML format for offline access. The offline copy is as secure as the online version, which you can access only by supplying your passphrase. You can store the offline copy anywhere and view the secrets using any standard web-browser.

Import passwords in bulk

Add all your secrets in bulk to Zoho Vault through the import option. This tool comes in handy to port your secrets from other password managers as well.

Export passwords

Get a copy of all your passwords in a text-file using the 'Export' passwords tool.