Secure your password vault with Zoho OneAuth

Zoho's multi-factor authentication app, OneAuth, adds an additional layer of protection for your account.

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Designed for complete protection

Zoho Vault users can protect their accounts with Zoho's native multi-factor authentication app, OneAuth. Users can set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) for their vault in simple steps by selecting an authentication factor of their preference.

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Countless authentication factors

Choose from a range of authentication factors such as face ID, fingerprint, time-based OTP, push notification, and more based on your preference.

Security for all your accounts

OneAuth supports multi-factor authentication for non-Zoho accounts as well. By setting up MFA for all your sensitive accounts, you can limit the threat exposure for your organization.

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Enforce MFA for all users

Business admins can enforce multi-factor authentication for every user in the organization. Users can set their preferred authentication factor at their next log in.

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The OneAuth app is available for Android and iOS users. Protect your accounts with multi-factor authentication today.

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