When data breaches occur in minutes, the detection and response shouldn’t take months. Mitigate data breaches with Zoho Vault.

Let Zoho Vault handle the heavy lifting

With seamless integration with haveibeenpwned,

Vault scans your passwords to ensure that none of them have been compromised. Instantly secure your accounts with strong, unique passwords—all checks occur on your device, ensuring that your data remains absolutely private.

What is haveibeenpwned?

haveibeenpwned (HIBP) is an open-sourced service that hosts millions of breached credentials in its database. Its complete transparency, coupled with frequent updates to its database of newly exposed passwords, makes it the perfect fit for our service. HIBP is trusted and employed by 30+ governments across the world to monitor and safeguard their accounts’ integrity.

The benefits of breached password detection

Proactive security

Enhance security proactively with real-time monitoring and automated alerts for new breaches. Utilize the password score tool to gain visibility into all of the vulnerabilities that require remediation for each employee.

Proactive security

Effective remediation

Easily invite and onboard employees onto Zoho Vault and enable them to change weak and breached passwords in one click.

Effective remediation

Take password protection even further

Zoho Vault securely saves and fills your passwords, but that’s just the beginning. View all of the features of Zoho Vault.

  • Monitor

    The security dashboard serves as your central hub for security, providing automated summaries of any breaches or vulnerabilities. you’ll also see instant alerts on individual items if there’s an issue that you need to address.

  • Remediate

    Password reuse is the most common way attackers gain acess to your personal information. Keep your information secure with strong, unique passwords for every account. Zoho Vault creates, save, and fills them for you.

  • Manage

    Watch out for old or outdated passwords that aren't compliant with your organization's policies with Vault's weak password reports. Enable automatic password reset alerts to keep everyone up to date.

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How does it work?

When breached password detection is activated, Vault hashes your passwords, sending only the first five digits of the hashed passwords to the HIBP. The service then returns a list of breached password hashes with matching initial five digits. All of this verification occurs locally, on the client side (usually, your browser), ensuring complete password protection. Zoho Vault never transmits the entire password hash to HIBP's servers, maintaining anonymity throughout the process.

Vault hashes your passwords

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