Acquire business passwords from employees in a few clicks

To help protect your data during employee transitions, Vault allows you to safely acquire and transfer access to all business passwords and folders owned by your employees.


Never lose access to your passwords

There is always a chance an employee might leave your enterprise at some point. Some might even move to different projects and teams within your organization. Managing access to their passwords in such cases can be a daunting task. However, with Zoho Vault, you can either allow your users to transfer passwords to a colleague or even acquire them by force.

  • Transfer passwords to a co-worker

    Users can transfer access to all business passwords they own to a colleague or team lead before moving out of the team. This simplifies access management and helps businesses function without interruption.

    Transfer passwords to a co-worker
  • Acquire passwords forcefully

    If your employees leave on bad terms or make a move before transferring access to their passwords, you can still acquire all business data from their accounts. With super-admin privileges, you can even transfer access to the acquired passwords and folders to a trusted member on the team.

    Acquire passwords forcefully

Track all actions made

All actions related to the transfer of passwords from one account to another are audited in real time. Admins can also set up alerts to get instant email notifications whenever users transfer access to their passwords.

Track all actions made

Safely manage your critical passwords with Zoho Vault